ClassEntrantTitle of Exhibit#FrPtsAwardFEL/SP
Class 2A Traditional - NZ & AustraliaBeach, Tim1960 Pictorials (New Zealand)885G
Class 2A Traditional - NZ & AustraliaChitty, LindsayThe New Zealand First Pictorial Issue 1898885G
Class 2A Traditional - NZ & AustraliaClifford, GrantThe New Zealand Chalon Issues 1855-1873591LG
Class 2A Traditional - NZ & AustraliaEllott, Gerald JamesNew Zealand - The First Issue - Chalon Portrait890LGSP
Class 2A Traditional - NZ & AustraliaFenwick, NeilNew Zealand First Pictorial Issue of 1898588G
Class 2A Traditional - NZ & AustraliaMoller, KlausThe New Zealand Chalon Issues: 1855-1873585G
Class 2A Traditional - NZ & AustraliaSimpson, JefferyThe New Zealand Magpie Moth 1970-73581LV
Class 2A Traditional - NZ & AustraliaWillocks, MurrayThe 1960 Pictorial Issue of New Zealand576V
Class 2C Traditional - Rest of the WorldCapill, PatriciaBarbados - George V Line Engraved Definitive Issues591LG
Class 3A Postal History - NZ & AustraliaComrie, MonicaCivil Censorship Process Australia WWII887G
Class 3A Postal History - NZ & AustraliaGoose, JohnInk Jet Cancellations on NZ Mail 1993 - 1994582LV
Class 3A Postal History - NZ & AustraliaSchluter, TonyNew Zealand Postal History to 1874890LG
Class 3B Postal History - AsiaChitty, LindsayPrisoner of War Correspondence, Japanese Occupation of the Far East, WWII 1942-45894LGSP
Class 3B Postal History - AsiaChivers, StephenBurmese Postal Markings 1825-1902890LG
Class 3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldVernall, SueKenya, Uganda, Tanganyika Postal History 1933-1961886G
Class 3C Postal History - Rest of the WorldWisbey, RaymondGreat Britain: Study of Letters To and From London 1459-1840886G
Class 5 AerophilatelyFerguson, StevenEarly Airmail to New Zealand578V
Class 9 RevenuesHebberd, Ron & ShirleyAmerican Civil War Revenues 1862-1883587G
Class 9 RevenuesWoods, PaulNew Zealand Duty Stamps 1867 to 1879590LG
Class 10 OpenBrownsey, PatrickThe Fern. From Cosmopolitan Plant to New Zealand Icon590LGSP
Class 10 OpenChristensen, MichaelTin Can Mail Island577V
Class 10 OpenJury, LenThe Dairy Industry577V
Class 10 OpenMarkham, KenNew Zealand - The Development of a Colony585G
Class 10 OpenMcTaggart, PaulThe Victoria Cross - Supreme Valour586G
Class 10 OpenPaston, John WilliamThe Suez Canal883LV
Class 10 OpenSimmonds, SueIn Pursuit of the North Pole583LV
Class 11A Collectors aged 10 - 15 yearsMcTaggart, RoseBirds Around New Zealand - From the Coast to My Garden279V
Class 11A Collectors aged 10 - 15 yearsMcTaggart, RoseWinston Churchill Through the Decades178V
Class 11A Collectors aged 10 - 15 yearsRowe, EmmaDessert - A History of Temptation278V
Class 11A Collectors aged 10 - 15 yearsRowe, SamanthaChildren's Literature - A History383LV
Class 11B Collectors aged 16 - 18 yearsBrown, TimothySure and Stedfast, the Story of the Boys' Brigade282LV
Class 11C Collectors aged 19 - 21 yearsRosenfeldt, AmyNew Zealand Rose Definitives379V
Class 11C Collectors aged 19 - 21 yearsWright, WarrickRevenue Gathering Stamps of New Zealand591G
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation (ChineseTaipei)Chinese-Taipei Philatelic Federation Journal 230NJNil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Ho, Huei-Ching (ChineseTaipei)Seminars and Activities Proceedings (2019) Volume 280NJNil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Lin, Tzu-Mu (ChineseTaipei)The Coiling Dragon, 1897-1914094LGSP
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Mah, Lang-Moe (ChineseTaipei)Collectors' Philatelic Annual Report (2019) Vol 310NJNil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Yu, Tzau-Nien (ChineseTaipei)Postal History Research Volume 360NJNil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Deogawanka, Madhukar (India)Indian Stamp Booklets081LV
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Enosawa, Yuichi (Japan)How to Make Your Exhibit for JAPEX0NJNil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Shoda, Yukihiro (Japan)Gems on Paper0NJNil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Korean Philatelic Society (Korea, Rep of)130 Years of Korean Postage Stamps0NJNil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Rhee, Kun Hoo (Korea, Rep of)The story of Nepal king's stamp067S
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Ashkanani, Hasan (Kuwait)Failaka Island in Post Cards071LS
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Essa, Dashti Yahya (Kuwait)Universal Postal Union 1949 Stamps063SB
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Hoy, NevilleFrom Pumice to Post: The Postal History of the Taupo Region068S
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Jackson, AlanNew Zealand Postcards; Rates and Regulations to 19390NENil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Peace, BrianAustralasian Crash Mail and Mail from Other Incidents Vol 2 1931-1935091LG
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Spence, Andrew PhilipThe Complete Guide to the 1880 Queen Victoria Longtype Postal Fiscals072LS
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Rupesinghe, Harsha Fariz (Sri Lanka)The Machine Postmarks of Sri Lanka083LV
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Samaraweera, Anura (Sri Lanka)Muddara Wagathuga (Guide to Stamp Collecting)0NJNil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Prasad, Roshan (UAE)The Stamp Collector's Dictionary0DNANil
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Monk, Gordon (Australia)The Surface Printed KGV 1d Plate Proof Variety Catalogue071*LS
Class 12A Literature - books, etc.Rahman, Siddique Mahmudu (Bangladesh)rBangladesh First Day Cover Catalogue 1971-2019067*S
Class 12 B Literature - periodicalsGendek, Marilyn (Australia)The Journal of the Cinderella Club of Australasia073LS
Class 12 B Literature - periodicalsPhilatelic Federation of Korea (Korea, Rep of)Philatelic Monthly "WOO-PYO" 20180NJNil
Class 12 B Literature - periodicalsKuwait Philatelic SocietyAl Posta0NJNil
Class 12 B Literature - periodicalsPaston, John (Ed)The Gannet073LS
Class 12C Literature - Stamp cataloguesJapan Philatelic Society Foundation (Japan)Japanese Stamp Specialized Catalogue Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.30NJNil
Class 12C Literature - Stamp cataloguesDolphin, Andrew (Ed)Campbell Paterson New Zealand Specialised Catalogue085G
Class 12C Literature - Stamp cataloguesHolmes, David (Ed)Auckland City Stamps New Zealand 2020 Catalogue067S
Class 12C Literature - Stamp cataloguesMironov, AndreyRoss Dependency Postage Stamps Il lustrated Catalogue056B
Class 12C Literature - Stamp cataloguesMowbray Collectables, David Smitham (Ed)Kiwi Catalogue and Handbook of New Zealand Revenue and Railway Stamps084LVFEL
Class 12D Literature - Electronic mediaFinder, Robert (Australia)Korean Stamp Society Website077V
Class 12D Literature - Electronic mediaGavin, James (Australia)Rhodesian Study Circle Website077V
Class 12D Literature - Electronic mediaChen Yang (China) The Chinese Zodiac Stamp Network053B
Class 12D Literature - Electronic mediaChristchurch (NZ) Philatelic SocietyRobin Startup's "Postal History of World War One"074LS
Class 12D Literature - Electronic mediaEllott, GeraldPostal History and Philately085GSP
Class 12D Literature - Electronic mediaKing, Bruce (webmaster)New Zealand Postcard Society Website071LS
Class 12D Literature - Electronic mediaMurphy, - the website of IMPS, The International Moldovan Philatelic Society077V
Class 13 One FrameGould, AndrewThe New Zealand Chalon Overlap Variety189GFEL
Class 13 One FrameGould, AndrewThe New Zealand Chalon Paper Fold Variety180LV
Class 13 One FrameStewart, GeorgeThe Humble Farthing - To What Purpose?174LS
Class 13 One FrameCarswell, LindsayThe Postmarks of Lyttelton Harbour 1852-1882179V
Class 13 One FrameWatson, AlastairPostcard Usage of ½d Mt Cook, 1900-1910178V
Class 13 One FrameTennant, DouglasNew Zealand 1934 7d Airmail - Overprint Types and Flaws182LV
Class 13 One FrameSchwartz, PaulineAlexandra, Mary and Elizabeth - the 20th Century British Queen Consorts170LS
Class 14A Modern Philately - TraditionalCapill, ColinNew Zealand Post's Courier Post - National Service578V
Class 14A Modern Philately - TraditionalDizon, Nilo JrThe Hologram in Philately578V
Class 14B Modern Philately - Postal HistoryRosenfeldt, DeniseNew Zealand Post Fast Post Service580LV
Class 15 Postcards 3 - 8 FramesSchwartz, PaulineNew Zealand: "Central" - Otago's Heart of Gold576V
Class 15 Postcards 3 - 8 FramesStill, AnnA Postcard View of Early Nelson and District583LV
Class 15 Postcards 3 - 8 FramesVincent, BrianRugby - New Zealand's National Game586G