Do you have the time for a week of fun with your Stamps? A week of fun with other young stamp collectors?

If so, then you must attend one of our Stamp Camps.

The camps are organised by the Philatelic Youth Council to educate and train enthusiastic young stamp collectors in the more detailed aspects of stamp collecting and exhibiting.

Stamp Camps have been held in New Zealand for youth collectors since 1965 and each year one camp is held. The knowledge campers have gained from the camps has enabled many to further enjoy their hobby. They have also been able to take their new knowledge back to their home town and pass it on to their friends and fellow stamp collectors. Many of the campers develop friendships at the camps that continue after the camps have concluded.

The PYC’s top youth trainers guide the participants through the amazing fields of watermarks, perforations, and printing as well as showing the techniques of how to put together a competitive stamp exhibit.

Wigram Skies Stamp Camp 2018

The 2018 Stamp Camp is to be held 22-28 April at the Christchurch Cadet Training Centre. Further details including registration forms can be found at 2018 youth Camp information and forms.

Youth Stamp Camps in New Zealand 40 Years 1966-2006

The PYC has published the history of the first forty years of Youth Stamp Camps in New Zealand. The book, comprised of more than 130 pages contains photographs and other historical records of the camps and the people who attended, assisted or supported the camps during their history. The book can be obtained for $35 (+$5 p&p) by posting a completed order form to PYC.