Leaders’ Resource Kit

Published early in 1993, this kit contains over 200 pages to help run a successful youth stamp club. It is full of organising ideas as well as activities, workshops, suggested resources and exhibiting guidelines. It has received a Large Silver Medal. The Kit costs $30.00 from the PYC. An update for the kit is planned.

The PYC also has other leaders’ resources, including videos, books and current newsletters from youth clubs in New Zealand and around the world. Details of these and the nominal charges can be obtained by writing to the Secretary, PO Box 2979, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140.

PYC Guide

This 280 page loose leaf publication covers a wide range of philatelic topics including printing processes, gum, perforations, care of stamps, a powerful stamp identifier and sections on the various aspects of collecting. There are a limited number of copies still available at $25.00 each. Please write to the PYC for details.