NZ2020 Stamp Exhibition 19-22 March 2020.

NZ2020 was to have been the first international exhibition held in New Zealand for nearly thirty years (NZ1990 being the last).  Unfortunately the Covid-19 pandemic struck barely two weeks ahead of the show.  The show was held as a National Exhibition but had to be closed a day and half early as travel and crowd size restrictions were imposed.

It is hoped that a replacement International Exhibition will be held, currently planned for March 2023.

The results for the National Exhibition can be found at NZ2020 National results.


The following posts appeared on the NZ2020 website which describes the transition International – National – to early closure.

Yes! The show goes on, but not as we envisaged

This afternoon the New Zealand Government placed more restrictions on travel into New Zealand. From the end of Sunday 15 March all travellers coming to New Zealand MUST go into isolation for 14 days. This obviously will apply to Commissioners, Jury members and overseas dealers, as well as individual people planning to come to New Zealand for the exhibition.

The Organising Committee therefore has no choice but to cancel the international aspect of the exhibition.

This will cause substantial disruption and expense to travellers, but the matter is out of our hands. All we can do is apologise, and say we gave it our best shot. It is 30 years from the last international exhibition in New Zealand and we were really buoyed by the support we received. One day, we may start again.
As soon as you are able, please cancel or defer your travel arrangements. Your options will vary from person to person.

However, life will go on. For New Zealanders, the Organising Committee decided tonight (14 March) we will run a national exhibition instead. The entries will be those New Zealand exhibits already entered in NZ2020 and we will also have the display entries submitted and exhibits kindly provided to fill gaps left by the inability of China and Korea to enter. We estimate this will be about 500 frames, so there will be plenty to see.
[Posted 14 March 2020]

The Show is Over!

The Organising Committee has made the hard decision to close the event as of 1:00pm Saturday. This also means tonight’s Palmares is also cancelled.

The announcement late morning from the Government has led us to this decision. We regret any inconvenience and trust you will understand.
[Posted 1:50pm Saturday 21 March]

The following information appeared on the NZPF website prior to the show.

Come to Auckland, New Zealand’s “City of Sails”, for NZ2020 Stamp Exhibition 19-22 March 2020.


The exhibition is to be held at the Ellerslie Event Centre which has accommodation nearby and is readily accessible by car and public transport (rail and bus).
NZ2020 is to be held under the patronage of the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP). 1200 frames will be available for exhibits from FIAP member countries in all FIP classes including Picture Postcards.
A wide range of dealers and postal agencies will be present on the ground floor.


The NZ2020 Exhibition Organising Committee is working hard to make the show a great success. It has a lot of preparation currently underway but a number of critical items have been finalised and are described below.


The website > has been launched. While some areas have still to be completed you will find a lot of useful information about the show already entered on the site.


The stand layouts and rentals for dealers and postal administrations have been finalised. Full details including an application form can be found on the NZ2020 website at:

Please send all trade enquiries to the Trade Organiser at: [email protected]


The Individual Regulations for NZ2020 (IREX) have been approved. These provide full details of the exhibition classes on offer at NZ2020 as well as conditions of participation, fees, awards and special requirements.

The IREX can be found at:

An Exhibit Application Form will be required to be with NZ2020 by 31 October 2019. The form, as well as the supplementary Literature Information Form is available on the website.


People can provide financial support for NZ2020 by joining the supporters’ club. Product and services will be provided in return for that support. Please check the website at: donors


If you would like more information please contact the NZ2020 Organising Committee at: [email protected]

You can find out when the NZ2020 website is updated and receive news about the show by completing a contact form that can be found at: