Third NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition – 1993

No Author Title Award Year
3001 Edward F Addiss The “Town” Cancels of British Honduras, 1880-1973 LS 1990
3002 John Campbell The Place of Stones, Mafeking/Mafikeng: the siege stamps and banknotes SB 1992
3003 Colin Capill New Zealand and the Universal Postal Union to 1907 V 1993
3004 H L Chisholm Century of Happiness: the centennial history of the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria LV 1992
3005 Norman J Collins Overland Mail via the Syro-Iraqi Great Desert V 1990
3006 East Africa Study Circle The Cancellations of Kenya 1890-1963: including British East Africa LS 1991
3007 Julius Fletcher The Civilian Airgraph Service in Palestine 1941-1945 – 3rd Edition S 1990
3008 J Gberg Perforation Measuring Guide (Imperial)
[with Instanta gauge and samples]
CoM 1992
3009 John Grant & John Mathews Commercial Perfins of Australia G 1992
3010 A H R Grimsey Check List of Postal Stamps about Music 1990 with 1992 supplement SB 1992
3011 Robin Gwynn Collecting New Zealand Stamps V 1988
3012 Rob Hunt & Tom Lee Youth Stamp Club Leaders Resource Kit LS 1993
3013 Thomas J Innis Early Post Messengers Track: Van Diemen’s Land CoM 1993
3014 Thomas J Innis Sir Rowland Hill K.C.B. 1795-1879 B 1990
3015 Robin Linke Australian & South Pacific Price List B 1993
3016 Jane and Michael Moubray British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875 LG 1992
3017 G F Oxley British Postal Rates to Europe, 1836-1876 V 1992
3018 W A Page The Field Post of the Czechoslovak & Allied Force in Russia 1918-1920 S 1991
3019 Richard Peck Handbook of Modern Tristan da Cunha Philately, 2 vols., Part 1 Stamps and Stationery, Part 2 Postal History and Cinderellas SB
3020 Mavis Pope Stamp Forgeries of Western Australia LS 1993
3021 Edward B Proud History of the Australian Military Postal Services 1914-1950 LV 1991
3022 Edward B Proud The Postal History of British Air Mails V 1991
3023 Edward B Proud The Postal History of Hong Kong: volume 1, 1841-1958 V 1989
3024 Edward B Proud and Milo D Rowell The Postal History of the Occupation of Malaya and British Borneo 1941-1945 V 1992
3025 J W B Ruffle Mauritius Maritime Mail 1815-1868: part 1 and part 2 LS 1991
3026 Flo Seal Up and Down the River: a history of post, telegraph and telephone and the Macleay S 1991
3027 Peter Smith Vanuatu’s Postal History: the first decade S 1992
3028 K W Sparks Bass Strait Mails from Federation to World War II SB 1992
3029 R M Startup Boxlink S 1991
3030 R M Startup Censored in the Pacific: a preliminary examination of the postal censorship of the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force in the Pacific 1941-1945 SB 1987
3031 R M Startup Index to “Postmark Taranaki” B 1988
3032 R M Startup Postal Literature: a contribution to the bibliography of official literature relating to New Zealand postal and philatelic activities B 1990
3033 R M Startup A Walk along the Beach – that is 250 Miles long! A History of the Overland mail between Wellington and Wanganui SB 1992
3034 R M Startup and Edward B Proud History of the New Zealand Military Postal Services 1845-1991 LV 1991
3035 Robin Startup & Andrew McNiven Taranaki Philatelic Society B 1991
3036 Peter A Turner Quantas Commemorative Airmails: a detailed catalogue of Quantas aerophilately S 1992
3037 Ian R Woodward Exploring Jamacia through Obliterators SB 1982
3038 American Society of Polar Philatelists Ice Cap News, vol.37 S 1992
3039 Australia and New Zealand Society of Russian Philately IIoyta nos. 10-13 S 1991/93
3040 Australian Cartophilic Society Newsletter 1992
3041 Australian States Study Circle, Royal Sydney Philatelic Club Sydney Views nos. 34-38 S 1992/93
3042 Ayelet, Thematic Association of Israel Isratheme nos. 6-9 B 1992
3043 British Carribean Philatelic Study Group British Carribean Philatelic Journal, vol.32 LS 1992
3044 Paul M. Burega (ed) BNAPS Literature Study Group Philiography Canada vol. 2 with supplement “Index to B.N.A.Topics” SB 1992
3045 Canadian Re-entry Study Group Newsletter vol.11 and Newsletter Index 1981-1992 S 1992
3046 Christchurch (NZ) Philatelic Society Captain Coqk, vol.20 SB 1992
3047 Dulwich Hill – Marrickville Philatelic Society Waratah Philatelist vol.11 nos. 1-3 B 1992/93
3048 East Africa Study Circle B.E.A., vol.6 S 1992
3049 John R Gilgis (ed) Old German State’s Notes, vol.1 B 1992
3050 Gladstone & District Philatelic Society The Gladstone Bag B 1992/93
3051 Hungarian Philatelic Society of Great Britain Stamps of Hungary nos. 108-111 SB 1992
3052 Alan J Knight (ed) Czechout, vol.10 Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain S 1992
3053 Peter McCarthy “Stamp Corner” cuttings from The Record – Townships week B 1992/93
3054 Modern Philately Modern Philately, nos. 1-12 SB 1992/93
3055 New South Wales Postcard Collectors Society Bulletin, nos.48-56 1990/92
3056 New Zealand Society of Great Britain The Kiwi, vols. 40-41 SB 1991/92
3057 Oriental Philatelic Association of London Opal nos.177-9 LS 1992
3058 Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa Forerunners vol. 6 S 1992/93
3059 Philatelic Society Of Canberra Capital Philately, vol.10 nos. 3-4, vol.10 nos.1-2 S 1992/93
3060 Postal History Society of New Zealand The Mail-Coach vol.28 S 1991/92
3061 Queensland Philatelic Council The Queensland Stamp Collector vol.9 nos.3-4, vol.10 nos.1-2 S 1992/93
3062 Royal Philatelic Society, London The London Philatelist, vol. 101 V 1992/93
3063 Salisbury Philatelic Society Perforated Points no.53-58 SB 1992/93
3064 Scandinavian Collectors Club The Posthorn vol.49 S 1992
3065 David Smitham “O.C.R. Coding in New Zealand”, 3 articles from Captain Coqk (vol.20 nos. 7,9,10) B 1992
3066 Society for Czechoslovak Philately The Czechoslovak Specialist vols. 53-54 V 1991/92
3067 Study Unit “Motor Vehicles”  Filamobil nos. 99-102 SB 1992
3068 Yvonne Wheatley (comp) Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain Czechout: Index, volumes 1-9 (1975-1991) B 1992

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