Fourth NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition – 1995

No Author  Title  Award Year
4001 Geoff Barling The Postal History of Sremska mitrovica S 1993
4002 Brian C. Buar Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Stamps of the United States 1933-45 S 1993
4003 A I Breen & R M Startup Under Canvas: postal history of the Territorial Military Camps of New Zealand  S 1993
4004 John Campbell The Place of Stones, Mafeking/Mafikeng: the siege stamps and banknotes – 3rd Edition SB 1995
4005 Han Daamen Thematic Catalogue of Cacti and other Succulents on stamps, cancellations and postal stationeries S 1994
4006 Archie Donald The Posts of Sevenoaks in Kent AD 1085 to 1985/6 G 1992
4007 C I Dulin Ireland’s Transition: the postal history of the transitional period 1922-1925 G 1992
4008 David Feldman SA Mauritius: Classic Postage Stamps and Postal History
[Auction catalogue Including the Hiroyuki Kanai collecton, 3 November 1993; with separate supplement of reference information used]
LV 1993
4009 Alan Finch & Colin Peachey (compilers) Special Event Postmarks of the United Kingdom, volume III: “A Further ten Years 1984-1993” SB 1994
4010 Ruy Arco E Flexa Chess through Philately (5 parts) S
4011 Phillips B Freer For Beginners: the philately of Czechoslovakia B 199412 Julius Grigore, Jr. The Influence of the United States Navy upon the Panama Railroad SB 1994
4012 Julius Grigore, Jr. The Influence of the United States Navy upon the Panama Railroad SB 1994
4013 Julius Grigore, Jr. NYRBA’s (New York, Rio, & Buenos Aires Airlines) Triple Crash and Outlaw Flight Covers and its Postal Markings SB 1994
4014 Nick Halewood & David Antscherl A Study of the Hong Kong Definitive Adhesives of King George VI S 1992
4015 B W Hempseed New Zealand Postage Stamps 1980-1994 B 1995
4016 Alan Jackson For God, Kaiser & Fatherland 1914-1918: First World War “Cinderella” stamps of the Central Powers Alliance. (The German, Austro-Hungarian & Ottoman Empires and their allies).
An illustrated and expanded English translation of “DIE KRIEGSMARKEN DER ZENTRALMACHTE” by FERENCZ KOLBIG (KLAGENFURT,…1926)
S 1993
4017 N M Jones The Cancellations and Postmarks of Nigeria 1914-1980: including travelling and mobile post offices S 1993
4018 Francis Kennedy 1985/86 Britsih Special Stamps CoM 1993
4019 A V Kiryuushkin & P E Robinson Russian Railway Postmarks LS 1994
4020 Cy Kitching Pitcairn Islands Postal Markings 1883-1991 SB 1992
4021 421 Glenn H Morgan British Stamp Exhibitions: a priced catalogue of sheets, cards and labels S 1995
4022 Renato Moscatelli Seashells on Stamps S 1992
4023 James Negus British Stamp Design 1993: the work of the Stamp Advisory Committee B 1992
4024 H L Nierinck Courrier Recupere: accidents et incidents d’avions / Recovered mail: airplane accidents and incidents, 1910-1936 LV 1992
4025 Neill Oakley (compiler) Great Britain & Ireland Railway Letter Stamps 1957-1992: a handbook and catalogue SB 1993
4026 Philatelic Federation of Finland Suomen Postileimojen Kasikirja III Osa, Finland-Leimat [Cancellations of Finland] S 1991
4027 Philatelic Federation of Finland Suomen Postimerkkien Kasikirja I Handbook of finnish Stamps, vol.3, 2nd edition LV 1993
4028 W J Quik & J Stolk De Postwaardestukken van Zuid-West Afrika 1888-1990 / The Postal Stationery of South West Africa 1888-1990 [bilingual] S 1993
4029 Charles D Rudd Coil Stamps: introduction, development and uses B 1995
4030 MartaSemerdzieva Mycophilatelyin Czechoslovakia: the fungi catalogue of Czechoslovak Postage Stamps and supplement tropical philatelistic materials CoM 1993
4031 Bea Stadtler A History of Israel through her Postage Stamps B 1993
4032 James A Stapleton (compiler) New Zealand Air Post Cinderellas with Valuations B 1992
4033 James A Stapleton The New Zealand Airmail Catalogue – 2nd Edition SB 1994
4034 R M Startup New Zealand Post Offices V 1993
4035 Sandro Taragni Milano e I Milanesi nella Storia del Volo / Milan and the Milanese in the History of Flight 1784-1914 [bilingual] SB 1993
4036 Derek Walker The Travelling Post Offices of Ceylon SB 1990
4037 J T Whitney Collect British Postmarks: the handbook to British Postal Markings and their values (6th edn.,ed. Colin G. Peachey and V. Brain Crookes) LS 1993
4038 L N Williams Encyclopaedia of Rare and Famous Stamps: I, The Stories G 1993
4039 Air Mail Society of NZ New Zealand Air Mail News, nos.512-533 CoM 1993/94
4040 Not Identified The Anglo-Boer War Philatelist, vol.37 SB 1994
4041 Ross Marshall (ed) IIoyta, nos. 11-17 – Australia and New Zealand Society of Russian Philately S 1992/95
4042 Canadian Re-entry Study Group Newsletter, vols. 12-13 and Index S 1993/94
4043 Canadiana Study Unit The Canadian Connection, vol.8 SB 1994
4044 Latin America Philatelic Society The Latin American Post, vol.18 B 1994
4045 Postal History Society of NZ The Mail Coach, vol.30 SB 1993/94
4046 Manawatu Philatelic Society Manawatu, nos.96-107 CoM 1993/95
4047 Marlborough Philatelic Society Newsletter, no.s143-153 CoM 1994
4048 National Philatelic Society, London Stamp Lover vol.86 S 1994
4049 NZ Society of Great Britain The Kiwi, vol.43 SB 1994
4050 Oriental Philatelic Association of London Opal, no.s 182-5 SB 1994
4951 Oxford Cinderellas Newsletter/sale, no.s 29-42 CoM 1993/95
4952 Philatelic Society for Greater Southern Africa Forerunners, vol.6 no.3, vol.7 no.1,3, vol.8 no.s1-3 LS 1992/95
4053 Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Indent, vols.16-17 LS 1993/94
4054 Postal Mechanisation Study Circle Newsletter, vol.18 S 1993/94
4055 Royal Philatelic Society, London The London Philatelist. Vol.103 V 1994
4056 Royal Philatelic Society of NZ The New Zealand Stamp Collector, vols. 73-74 S 1993/94
4057 Scandinavian Collectors Club The Posthorn, vol.51 S 1994
4058 Society of Israel Philatelists The Israel Philatelist, vol.45 SB 1994
4059 Taranaki Philatelic Society Newsletter, vols.25-26 CoM 1993/94
4060 Thematic Assoc of NZ ThemeNZ, nos.21-26 SB 1994
4061 U.S. Philatelic Classics Society The Chronicle of the U.S. Classic Postal Issues, vol.46 V 1994
4062 West African Study Circle Cameo, vol.4 nos. 7-10 LS 1993/94


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