Stephen says –

Well, the challenges certainly came as we published our last newsletter with all New Zealand returning to Level 4 on 17 August. Then, while the rest of New Zealand south of Auckland moved to Level 3 on 31 August and further to Level 2 on 2 September along with Northland, it wasn’t until 21 September that Auckland moved to Level 3. While Auckland has had some steps introduced into their Level 3 existence to enable closer contact, like a visit to the hairdresser the region has certainly carried the burden for the rest of the country.
More is written below about Covid-19.
In addition, we hope we will be able to provide some useful advice on how our clubs and societies might manage under the traffic light system of Covid control. Tim Beach, one of our executive officers, is professionally involved in this space and is planning to get information to you, hopefully in time for this issue.
Tim and all the others in a like position, is working with moving goal posts. His priority must be his work obligations and if he cannot meet our issue deadline, we will forward whatever he produces for you as soon as it is available.

Global Supply Chain

The global postal supply chain is still challenged, with Air NZ having announced more than 1000 flight cancellations between NZ and Australia through to the end of the year due to border reopening uncertainty.
At 6 October there were some 26 countries where mail is still suspended to New Zealand, including Ireland, Philippines and Poland – and 38 outbound as at 15 November including Brazil, Mexico and Zimbabwe
Santa appears to have been given an exemption – but if you wish to drop him a line – you had better get writing –
The volume of packets and parcels that NZ Post has been handling are at unprecedented levels, with the need by them to arrange with large mailers to restrict the volume of packets and parcels entering the network. Even with this action delivery delays of up to five working days in Hamilton, three in Auckland and one across the rest of NZ are reported on their website. Signature required delivery has been dropped and Contactless deliveries and pickup are in place for Level 2 and 3.

Federation Meetings

The third 2021 Federation executive committee meeting was held by Zoom on 13 November 2021. We had hoped this would have been a face-to-face meeting, but our Northern Region delegates could not have been present.
The Annual General Meeting was also held by Zoom on 20 November. Again, with this meeting we prefer it to be face-to-face, but as we could not achieve this the Zoom meeting proved a useful alternate. There was a good turn-out of members’ delegates and observers who were able to contribute to the business of the meeting particularly the general business.
The next Federation meeting is planned as a special meeting held in conjunction with Royalpex on 26 February. We hope this will enable a broader base of our members to be present. You will receive more information about this meeting early next year.
The minutes from these meetings should be distributed by the secretary at the same time you receive this newsletter.

Federation Awards

Federation received four nominations for Awards. These were considered by the Awards Panel whose recommendations were considered by the executive and confirmed. Shortly or in the New Year the four recipients will be presented with their awards. As always, our thanks go to those recognised this way for their contribution to our hobby.
Please give thought to possible nominees in 2022.

Royalpex 2021

I indicated in my report to the AGM the year had started with lots of promise in the philatelic world. I was looking forward to travelling to London in May only to have the exhibition postponed to 2022. Closer to home, Royalpex has been postponed twice. However, we are all hoping the event will be able to take place on 25-27 February 2022 at Palmerston North. If this should this not be possible then, unfortunately, the exhibition will be cancelled.

All the best for the festive season to you and your families.

I look forward to catching up with you on 26 February 2022 at the NZPF special meeting at Royalpex.
I can be contacted by email at any time – [email protected]
Stephen Chivers, President


As this is written the new Covid Protection Framework (the traffic light system) is about to be launched on 2 December, with Auckland, Northland, Bay of Plenty, Gisborne, Manawatu – Wanganui going into Red, and the rest of the country into Orange.
There are restrictions on where we can go at Red, but there are also everyday things that everyone can do, like meeting friends inside and outside, going shopping, access to healthcare and attend school and travel.
Travel across the Auckland Boundary however currently remains restricted until 15 December through to 17 January when you will be able to travel in and out of Auckland, with the requirements of –
You must be fully vaccinated and have your new Vaccine Pass with you. This pass now becomes a legal requirement throughout the country from 3 December to enter places that have vaccination requirements in place under the traffic light system, such as hospitality venues, events gatherings and the gym.
You cannot be asked to provide your My Vaccine Pass to access basic needs services such as supermarkets, public transport and essential healthcare.
You must carry evidence of a negative COVID 19 test received within 72 hours before crossing the boundary in either direction.
The use of a face covering on public transport, and in situations such as poorly ventilated indoor spaces or when physical distancing is hard is one way of keeping you and others safe. As well as washing your hands, and drying your hands completely results in the killing the virus by bursting its protective bubble.
With many clubs, (particularly in the Auckland area) reporting as not having met for some time, it is important for club and society executives throughout the country to understand their responsibility regarding admitting members, speakers and visitors to meetings where their vaccine status has not been verified. One club who meets in a church hall, has been advised by the church that only people who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to use its premises, and it is the responsibility of the club to ensure that this requirement is met. The club is about to gather this information and record it against the members membership details.

Requirements of Covid 19 – Traffic Light System

The New Zealand Government has produced a very useful one-page document – which explains the key considerations to be taken into account for each of the three levels (Red, Orange & Green) that New Zealand is moving to on 2 December. Members should find is easy to understand.

NZPF Website

The upgrade to the website earlier this year has certainly made things easier for maintenance. Societies are encouraged to check the content of their pages and to provide details of their 2022 programme for publishing by either using the email [email protected] or use the Contact Us page on the website –

List of Stamp Clubs

We are working with New Zealand Post and their new upgraded Collectables website. This now has a link to the NZPF website for the list of stamp clubs. This means there is only one list needing to be maintained but increases the importance of you advising the secretary [email protected] whenever changes occur.
Please check and, in particular check the link provided in the statement “A printable listing of New Zealand Societies and Clubs can be downloaded as PDF by clicking NZ Philatelic Clubs and Societies.” Currently this shows a date of 8 Dec 2021 but, as updated version are produced, the date will obviously change.

NZ Post Collectables website search

The NZ Post Collectables website at now has two search functions. This makes it easier for collectors and researchers to locate information that is not relating to current issues on sale at the “Store”.
The second search is accessed from (from the Help & information tab).

Club News

Northern Region

– Tim Beach and Denise Rosenfeldt
With the ongoing Covid Lockdown most meetings have had to be cancelled or curtailed significantly with social distancing within the region since the lockdown started on 17 August.
Some meetings have taken place such as that of Tauranga & Districts Stamp Club holding a joint meeting with the Royal Philatelic Society of NZ in November.
Many clubs are hoping to enable club meetings and events to occur and are awaiting guidance on how the Covid Protection Framework will affect future events.
Clubs appear to be holding back planning for 2022 due to the uncertainty moving forward.

Central Region

– Paul McTaggart
Since the July report we have had the new Delta COVID event that once again closed club and society meetings across New Zealand and the central region from the 17 August through to early October for most clubs and Societies.
Hutt Valley Philatelic Society recommenced face to face meeting in early October but missed out on the annual Mowbray event in September. This is the first time for some 25years that John Mowbray has not attended the Society to present items from the annual auction.
Another impact to the region has been the postponement of the Royalpex exhibition “twice” from COVID concerns. The current situation and the continued closure of Auckland impacting dealers and availability of judges made running the exhibition difficult. A new date is set for February 2022 which is the latest the organising committee feels is suitable given the upcoming WPS100 exhibition in July 2022.
Planning for WPS100 continues with the Wellington Society having things in hand, but the ability for overseas commissioners and exhibits remains in a fluid state.

Southern Region

– Top of the South – Josh Black
There has been very little to report on the Blenheim side. Numbers are down a little because of Covid and we have moved back to evening meetings for the summer months.
Nelson has been disrupted a little more as they have had to move their meetings to the church again mainly because of the requirements of using a school hall. Numbers are still good
Overall, a relatively quiet few months and many people are waiting for normality to return.

Incorporated Societies Bill

The Incorporated Societies Bill, which is designed “to put a modern framework of basic legal, governance, and accountability obligations for incorporated societies and those who run them” has passed its second reading and is set down for MPs to consider in detail and vote on proposed changes.
There are more than 20 societies and clubs who are members of Federation that are incorporated societies. They will all be impacted by this Bill. Federation hopes they will be able to provide some guidance to these members but, until the Bill becomes law, it is unable to do so with any degree of certainty. Check –

Privacy Policy

As with any organisation having access to individuals’ personal data, the NZPF must comply with the Privacy Act 2020. At its executive meeting on 13 November, it considered a paper recommending it establish a privacy policy. The outcome has been an NZPF Privacy Policy which has been published at –
It would be appreciated if members would view the policy and provide any feedback to the secretary at [email protected]


Members may not be aware the NZPF website has documentation on the site covering exhibition administration.
The secretary, with assistance from others, has been working for some time on developing documentation providing Guidelines for New Zealand National Exhibition Organising Committees. This has now been published on the website. It is hoped this document will demystify some of the issues involved with running a national exhibition yet realistically portray the aspects any organising committee might face and should consider. It is based on the experience of previous organising committees– refer

National and International ExhibitionsRoyalpex 2021

Royalpex 2021 is a full national exhibition organised by the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand under the auspices of the New Zealand Philatelic Federation. It has now been rescheduled to be held on 25 – 27 February 2022 at the Palmerston North Conference and Function Centre.
Their Newsletter No 3 has been released:

17th NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition 2021

Judging of the 55 entries for the 17th National Philatelic Literature Exhibition organised by the Christchurch Philatelic Society has been completed.
Results can be found at
The catalogue and awards list have been published and can be found at and
It is intended to have the entries on display at Royalpex.

WPS100 Stamp Show

This National Exhibition celebrates 100 years of the Wellington Philatelic Society. It is to be held at Te Rauparaha Stadium, Porirua 15-17 July 2022. The exhibition will also host the 2021 Australasian Challenge.
Their website is –
The venue advises attendees will need to be fully vaccinated and be able to provide a ‘My Vaccine Pass’.

Auckland NZ2023

(FIAP Asian International Stamp Exhibition)
16-19 March 2023. . – Nothing further at this time.

Auckland 2024

No further information at this time.

Bangabandhu 2021

– 1st FIAP Virtual International Stamp Exhibition
10 – 30.12.2021 Commissioner – Stephen Chivers
At time of going to print there were nine exhibits from New Zealand.

FIAP and FIP Report

The latest FIAP Executive Council meeting was held by Zoom on 20 October. Details covering the planned international exhibitions are shown at –

Judges Workshop

Invited members of the Association of New Zealand Philatelic Judges (ANZPJ) participated in a Jury leadership course run by the Australian Philatelic Federation in association with NZPF. This comprised seven evening Zoom sessions at fortnightly intervals covering the roles of jury team leader, jury secretary, jury chairman and jury assessment.

General issues

Online Purchasing

If it is too good to be true – then most likely it is!
Federation has recently been approached concerning a Trade Me seller who is listing high catalogue valued items at a low reserve price. The initial view from Federation is the items are fraudulent. An approach will be made to Trade Me concerning the vendor and the outcome will be advised in a future newsletter.

NZ Post Services

Several members raised concerns at the AGM regarding a range of NZ Post services.
A letter has been sent to NZ Post. It is proposed the letter and the reply received will be discussed at the special meeting to be held at Royalpex.