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Newsletter 83 – December 2021

Stephen says –

Well, the challenges certainly came as we published our last newsletter with all New Zealand returning to Level 4 on 17 August. Then, while the rest of New Zealand south of Auckland moved to Level 3 on 31 August and further to Level 2 on 2 September along with Northland, it wasn’t until 21 September that Auckland moved to Level 3. While Auckland has had some steps introduced into their Level 3 existence to enable closer contact, like a visit to the hairdresser the region has certainly carried the burden for the rest of the country.
More is written below about Covid-19.
In addition, we hope we will be able to provide some useful advice on how our clubs and societies might manage under the traffic light system of Covid control. Tim Beach, one of our executive officers, is professionally involved in this space and is planning to get information to you, hopefully in time for this issue.
Tim and all the others in a like position, is working with moving goal posts. His priority must be his work obligations and if he cannot meet our issue deadline, we will forward whatever he produces for you as soon as it is available.

Global Supply Chain

The global postal supply chain is still challenged, with Air NZ having announced more than 1000 flight cancellations between NZ and Australia through to the end of the year due to border reopening uncertainty.
At 6 October there were some 26 countries where mail is still suspended to New Zealand, including Ireland, Philippines and Poland – https://www.nzpost.co.nz/sites/nz/files/2021-10/Covid-19-international-network-inbound-06102020.pdf and 38 outbound as at 15 November including Brazil, Mexico and Zimbabwe https://www.nzpost.co.nz/sites/nz/files/2021-11/Covid-19-international-network-outbound-15112021.pdf
Santa appears to have been given […]

Newsletter 82 – August 2021

Stephen says –

Covid 19
With Auckland having moved to Alert Level 3 from 14 Feb – and then Level 2 on 17 Feb, before moving back to Level 1 on 22 Feb 2021, and then on 22 Feb back to Level 3, to Level 2 on 7 March before returning to Level 1 on 12 March – it then became the challenge for Wellington with a move to Level 2 on 23 June before returning to Level 1 on 29 June. Thankfully we have not had further challenges.
This reminds us all that until we get vaccinated there is the need to follow the guidelines of scanning, wearing a face covering on public transport and washing your hands.

The global postal supply chain is still challenged, with NZ Post advertising some 30 countries as at 16 August where mail is still suspended from New Zealand – Covid-19-international-network-outbound, and about the same number for inbound mail to New Zealand – Covid-19-international-network-inbound
The NZ Post website information has not been updated recently which suggests no change.

Even when service is available, constraints on the number of flights operating means there is restricted capacity leading to delays of mail departing New Zealand. At 12 August NZ Post advised three working days. In addition, significant international processing and delivery delays are occurring in some European destinations and Canada. – international-delivery-updates#sending-delays
NZ Post are working to have most parcels, once received by NZ Post, delivered within 7 working days.

Federation Meetings
The first 2021 meeting was held by Zoom on 20 March and the second, also by Zoom, on 17 July.

Federation Awards
Unfortunately, reminders were not sent to members seeking nominations for awards. We believe such […]

Newsletter 81 January 2021

  • Stephen says
  • NZPF Awards
  • Club news
  • International and National Exhibition Reports

Stephen says –

Welcome to this January newsletter – the first of 2021.  Another year gone and many would say good riddance.  2020 was all about the virus, and we are all looking forward to 2021 which we hope can only be better. We are very lucky in NZ compare with most of the rest of the world.  Many of us are little affected with what is happening around the world, but it is difficult to travel overseas. So, instead off travelling overseas a lot of the surplus money is been spent on new cars, fixing up the house and hobbies.

Covid 19 – Mail

Many postal administrations are back up and running, so my purchases from overseas are not taking the months to arrive in NZ they were a few months ago.  But, with the restrictions in flights resulting from Covid-19, mail to and from New Zealand continues to be disrupted.  The New Zealand Post website – https://www.nzpost.co.nz/contact-support/international-delivery-updates is regularly updated.  This shows mail is being sent by sea to a number of countries and service is still not available to some 49 countries at the time I write this.

Covid 19 – Stamp trade

Having attended a couple of stamp auctions in the later part of last year, I saw how popular our hobby still is, with good attendances and strong bidding.  Also, the roaring trade dealers appeared to do over the lockdown period hasn’t really showed down much with some stamp accessorises still in short supply.

Society meetings

It appears society meetings are pretty well back to normal with visiting speakers now able to travel around again.  Some […]

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