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Federation Subscriptions

The subject of Federation subscriptions will be on the agenda for the Annual General Meeting. The topic was discussed by delegates to the recent Federation meeting and proposals will be put to member societies for discussion prior to the AGM. Society delegates to the AGM should be there with authority to vote.

Federation Website

There are still a few societies who have yet not taken up the opportunity to complete a web page. It is suggested societies appoint a member to have the responsibility for ensuring the web page is maintained and kept up to date.

Society secretaries who do not have access to the web can contact the webmaster, Bob Gibson, 10 The Anchorage, Whitby, Wellington 6006 who will provide a hard copy of their web page for checking.

The Federation web site has been entered into the FIP web site competition.

New Federation Member

We are pleased to welcome the Society of Australasian Specialists / Oceania as a member of the Federation. The contact for the Society is Dr Paul Tyler, 1023 Rocky Point Court, N E Alburquerque, New Mexico 87123-1944, USA.

Judging Seminar

A judging workshop is to be held by Robert Samuel on September 2 and 3 at the Science Centre & Museum, Main Street, Palmerston North. For further details please contact Bryan Ogier at P O Box 786, Palmerston North or Judging Workshop.

The Judges Association is also planning a seminar in Auckland on Sunday 19 November at the Bridge Club in Remuera as part of the activities for the Federation AGM weekend.

Nations’ Cup

The FIP has recently floated the idea of a Nations Cup as a competition between various continents. The idea is still under discussion and may inlcude several levels of competition.

National Exhibitions

Canpex 2000, 5 – 8 October 2000, Christchurch
Stamp Odyssey 2001, 16 – 18 March 2001
Northpex 2002, 5 -7 April 2002, North Shore, Auckland

The Seventh National Philatelic Literature Exhibition plus a 16-page National exhibition has been requested for 29 – 30 June 2001 to be held in Palmerston North.

Exhibition Commissioners

Espana 2000, 7 – 15 Oct 2000, Barry Scott, Auckland
Indepex Asiana 2000, 7 – 12 Dec 2000, Jeff Long, Invercargill. Email: [email protected]
Belgica 2001, 9 – 17 Jun 2001, Barry Scott, Auckland
Philanippon 2001, 30 Jul – 5 Aug 2001, Bryan Ogier, P O Box 786, Palmerston North
Hafnia 2001, 16 – 21 Oct 2001, Doug South, P O Box 20, Wakefield, Nelson
Brisbane, 26 – 28 Oct 2001, Myra Luxton, P O Box 32 060, Christchurch. Email: [email protected]

If you wish to get in touch with any of the above commissioners whose address details are not included please contact [email protected]

Exhibition Results

We congratulate all exhibitors on their achievements.

World Youth Stamp Exhibition – Bangkok 2000

Cameron Moody, Vermeil (82 points)
Mathew Gainsford, Large Silver (78pts)
Julie Ingram, Large Silver (76pts)
Faron Kerston, Bronze (62pts)

13th Asian International – Bangkok 2000

Robert Livingston, Large Vermeil (86pts) and Special Prize
Ross Marshall, Large Vermeil (85pts)
Steven Chivers, Vermeil (83pts)
Royal Philatelic Society of NZ, Vermeil (80pts)
Bruce Marshall, Large Silver (78pts)
Jeff and Stephanie Long, Large Silver (76pts)
Paul Wales, Silver (74pts)
Bernie Eyles, Silver (73pts)
John Murr, Silver (73pts)
Sue McIntosh, Silver (70pts)

Stamp Show 2000 – London

Gerald Ellot, Championship Class
Bruce Alexandre, Gold (92pts)
Joan Murphy, Large Vermeil (88pts)
David Shaida, Large Vermeil (86pts)
Greg Francis, Large Vermeil (85pts)
Keith Griffiths, Large Vermeil (85pts)
Ann Still, Large Vermeil (85pts)
Gerald Ellot, Vermeil (83pts)
Royal Philatelic Society of NZ, Vermeil (80pts)
Richard Armstrong, Large Silver (77pts)

Canberra Stamp Show 2000

A – National Class
Tony Thackery, Gold
Paul Wales, Gold
Nigel Shanks, Large Silver

B – State Class
Yvonne Benson, Gold
Robert Gregory, Vermeil
Robert Duns, Large Silver
Jillian Williams, Silver

C – French Challenge
Bruce Marshall, Best Modern Material

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