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Upcoming New Zealand Exhibitions

Blenpex 2012, 12 – 14 Oct 2012 Blenheim.
Upper Hutt 13 – 16 Sep 2013 Upper Hutt (Specialised National).
NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, March 2013 Manawatu Philatelic Society
2014 Australasian Challenge, 2014 (possibility only at this stage)

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Perth (Nat inc 7-Nation Challenge, GAFFA Challenge) 17 – 20 May 2012
Indonesia 2012 (FIP) 18 – 24 Jun 2012, Commissioner Robin Gwynn
Autumn Stampex (UK national with NZ, Aust and Pacific exhibits) 26 – 29 Sep 2012, London. Contact John Watts at [email protected].
Hobart Stamp Show 1 frame exhibition (Nat) 16-18 Nov 2012, no commissioner appointed
Australia 2013 (FIP) 10 – 15 May 2013, Commissioner Ross Marshall.
Thailand 2013 (FIP) 2 – 8 Aug 2013

[new dates], Commissioner Norman Banfield
Brasiliana 2013 (FIP) 8 – 13 Nov 2013, Commissioner Jeff Long.

Autumn Stampex

The NZ Society of Great Britain has asked Federation to publicise this event. To display competitively, please follow the rules on the ABPS website www.ukphilately.org.uk. The Society is offering to pay half the £10 per frame entry fee.

The London meeting of the Society on May 26, 2012 will be used to review the front page from intending entrants. To display non-competitively, please contact Derek Diamond, and keep John Watts informed. Details of the exhibit subject, number of sheets and copy of the exhibit front page must reach Derek Diamond by June 1 at the latest.

NZPF Awards 2011

Award of Honour: Len Jury
Deserving philatelists: Chris Wells, John Kelsey, Keith Richards, Michelle Paterson
Deserving Postcarder: Laurence Eagle
Youth Philatelist of the Year: Michael Davis

Results from Canberra Stampshow 2012

North Island Team
Jenny Banfield Open 5 fr 91 LG, Fel Sp Prize Medicine – Its History and Development
Len Jury PH 5 fr 91 LG New Zealand Large Numeral Handstamps
Gerard Carlin PS 5 fr 80 LV New Zealand Wrappers (1878-1980)
Tim Beach Trad 5 fr 76 LV New Zealand 1960 Pictorials
Tait Beekmans Yth 3 fr 86 G New Zealand – Q E II definitives 1953-1961
Bruce Isted Nov 3 fr 68 S Moving the Mail

Also entered were:
Erica Genge Tr Mod 5 fr 78 V Rep South Africa – Sixth Definitive Series
Ross Marshall Pol 1 fr 88 G Australia: Soviet Antarctic Connections 1956-62

South Island Team
Paul Wales (Pol) 5 fr 90 LG + Sp Prize 1901-04 British National Antarctic Expedition
John Wilson Trad 5 fr 83 LV Lettercards of New Zealand
Jeff Long PH 5 fr 83 LV NZ Advice of Receipt Service 1892-1995
Michael Davis Yth 3 fr 82 LV Sp.Prize Riding The Railroad
Louise Brownie Nov 5 fr 68 S Kauri
Brian Summerell Open 5 fr 60 SB Lindblad Travel Inc. Antarctic Tours 1966-1975

Overall, the North Island scored 492 points for second place in the Australasian Challenge, and the South island 466 points for sixth place. Queensland won with 510 points.

Results from CPS Centennial Stamp and Postcard Exhibition 2012

This exhibition went very smoothly, with good crowds and busy dealers. Congratulations to Doug South who won the Grand Award with a thematic exhibit Our Feathered Friends and Robin Gwynn who was the Runner-up with an exhibit on New Zealand’s Advertisement Stamps 1893.

The complete results can be found at CPS Centennial Stamp and Postcard Exhibition 2012.

Auditing of Accounts

It is, of course, up to individual clubs whether or not they have their accounts audited, but changes to come into effect in 2013 suggest it might be a good idea for clubs to investigate what these changes might mean for audit fees. Many clubs of all types now no longer have accounts audited in a formal sense, but reviewed by a person with appropriate accounting knowledge.

NZPF International Exhibitors’ Levy

The ZEAPEX Trust has very kindly made an annual donation of $5,000 available to Federation. The primary purpose of this donation is to enable the recently-increased levy of $30 a frame to be reduced to the previous level of $6 per frame. The Trust notes that “NZ exhibitors by exhibiting internationally are promoting NZ as a viable philatelic country of some note. New Zealand has played a major role philatelically overseas in many ways, including the formation of new classes etc, and it is important that NZ representatives on FIP and FIAP have that recognition they deserve.”

Youth Stamp Camp 2012

This year’s camp will be held in the first week of the July school holidays, just outside Christchurch. It would be great to see a good number of junior collectors attending. Last year, at the CPS100 exhibition, largely as a result of juniors attending Stamp Camp, we enjoyed viewing 16 youth entries! Contact your youth coordinator for further details, or email [email protected]

Federation Resource Kit

This large file that needed to be updated by Society Secretaries every other year, is to go on-line. This will save shelf space! It will always be up to date on the Federation web site. Person’s names (speakers’ list etc) will not be on-line, but available on request from the Federation Secretary.

Clinics for Judges and Exhibitors

In association with the Wellington Regional Stamp Show, to be held in the Lower Hutt Horticultural Hall on May 12/13 this year, Jenny Banfield will be running a ‘mock’ exhibition for judge apprentices.

Congratulations to Mark Benvie and Sue Vernall who have recently attained the qualifications necessary to be added to the National Philatelic Judges Register. For exhibitors, there is a plan to assist exhibitors to move up the medal level, a type of ‘one-up’ approach. Contact Jenny Banfield at normanb@xtra,co.nz for further details.

Upcoming Federation Meetings

The meetings for 2012 are scheduled for July 28 Wellington and November 23/24 in the Central Region. If you have any matters you would like discussed at the next Federation meeting and AGM on 25 and 26 November in Christchurch contact:

Southern Region: George Stewart, Karen Jeffrey
Central Region: Terry Isaac, Leigh Gravestock
Northern Region: Mark Benvie, Robert Livingston

or the Federation Secretary Bob Gibson at [email protected], or at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245

or President Norman Banfield at [email protected]

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at [email protected] or the Secretary, Bob Gibson, at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245 or at [email protected]

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