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Mark my words

A few words from NZPF President, Mark Benvie

The recent Baypex National Stamp Exhibition reinforced my view that one of the main benefits of organised philately is the opportunity to share this hobby with others. Philately is primarily a solitary pursuit. For some people that’s how they want it to be and that it, of course, completely fine. However, I consider that being a part of a community of like-minded collectors has many advantages and can add a great deal to one’s enjoyment of our hobby.

At Baypex I was reminded of the enjoyment that talking about your interests with others can bring. For many of you what I’ve written above will be totally familiar to you and nothing new. But for those of you who have not attended a national stamp exhibition I’d say try it out – next year’s national stamp exhibition, Capital Stampshow 2015, is on in Wellington 23-25 October. Put the date in your diary now and make some plans to attend!

The other thing that Baypex highlighted was the great relationship between NZ and Australian philately. A large proportion of the exhibits were entered by Australian exhibitors but, more than that, a good number of Australians came over, contributed to and enjoyed attending the exhibition. Although it is very easy to trot out such platitudes, the meeting that was held between NZPF and APF representatives during Baypex served to emphasise the spirit of friendship (or should I say, ‘mateship’) and co-operation that exists between our two countries. Presently, Australia is a fairly dominant player on the world philatelic scene and New Zealand philately can only benefit from the close and genuine ties that our two countries have.

I can be contacted by email anytime – [email protected]

Editor’s note: As you were advised in the last newsletter Bruce Chadderton had to relinquish his brief (two issues) hold on the reins of this newsletter. However, in that short time Bruce had made his mark with a format and content that has drawn favourable responses from our audience. Federation is keen to continue with the format Bruce developed and I have taken on the mantle as interim editor (hopefully as brief and as successful as Bruce) while we search for a more permanent editor. Bob Gibson

Awards and acknowledgements


Over the past few months a number of people have been presented with awards from the NZPF in recognition of their contribution to our hobby. A representative of Federation’s executive has presented the award to the recipient during a society meeting or special event (eg North Shore Society’s exhibition and Ambury Shield) before friends and fellow society members. A photograph from the presentation with a description of some of the recipient’s hobby activities has been posted on the Federation’s website where you will still find it.
Our congratulations and thanks go to all for the contributions made over the years. The awards, the 2014 recipients and their nominating society were:

 Award of Honour  Robert Duns, Christchurch Philatelic Society
Award for Service  Jenny Long, NZ Postcard Society
Sue Vernall, Wellington Philatelic Society
Andrea Bevan, North Shore Philatelic Society
Sandy Johnston, Whangarei Philatelic Society
Youth Philatelist of the year Anna McTaggart


Do you know someone who might deserve recognition? By early April every year Federation calls for nominations and these must be received by 30 June. The criteria for the awards are available on the website at https://nzpf.org.nz/about-us/philatelic-awards/ and a printed copy is held by your society.

Learning opportunities


Novice and adult development collectors/exhibitors have been invited to spend a week in Hanmer Springs 10-16 April 2015. During this time attendees will be provided with guidance to prepare, improve or extend an 8-, 16- or 32-page exhibit. This adult camp will be run in conjunction with the 2015 Youth Camp and the success of the youth attending these camps (see below) could well rub off on attendees.
Further information can be obtained from Karen Jeffrey [email protected] or Sue Claridge [email protected] respectively the camp administrator and camp secretary.
Spaces are limited. Acceptance will be on a first come basis with a deposit securing a place. Registrations with the deposit can be sent to Camp Hanmer, PO Box 18914, New Brighton, Christchurch 8641.

Club news


The NZ Stamp Collectors Club of Christchurch, as the winner of the 2013 event, hosted the 2014 competition, and came out triumphant again. The entries were on display at the Philatelic Centre, Riccarton on 13 September. While the number of entries were fewer than last year the standard was good as can be seen by the scores achieved by the team entrants – a spread of average team marks of 74-80.

NZ Stamp Collectors’ Club  402 points
Manawatu Philatelic Society  394
Christchurch Philatelic Society  379
Kapiti Philatelic Society  371
Marlborough Stamp Collectors’ Club  369

Congratulations to all the entrants and especially the team from NZ Stamp Collectors’ Club. Expect to hear from them next year for the 2015 competition.


The Postal History Society of New Zealand celebrated its’ fiftieth anniversary with a special meeting on 18 October 2014. The special guest speaker was Geoffrey Lewis FRPSL MAP from Sydney. Geoff spoke by way of PowerPoint presentations on two topics that had almost certainly never been the subject of a PHSNZ meeting before – ‘New Orleans Postal History’ and ‘How the 1836 Anglo-French postal treaty made it easier to send mail worldwide’.
Both talks were very much appreciated by a good-sized audience. In addition, publications and memorabilia from the Society’s past 50 years were on display. A light lunch was served in between the two talks and there was plenty of time for those attending to have a chat over a sandwich or two.

NZPHS 50th audience
Postal History Society of NZ 50th Anniversary. Front row from left: Geoffery Lewis; Ann Still society president; and
Mark Benvie, society immediate past president and president of NZPF backed by a fine collection of postal historians.


The North Shore Philatelic Society’s Annual Exhibition was held on October 4. They had five dealers in attendance and displays of fifteen competitive entries (including one youth) from a number of clubs. The results were:

Association Trophy, Best Thematic: Nilo Dizon, Auckland Philatelic Society
Marion Ellott Award, Best Modern: Garry Nicol, North Shore Philatelic Society
Alex McMillan Trophy, Best Foreign: Ross Marshall, Waikato Philatelic Society
Lois Foote Memorial Award, Best Display: Lindsay Chitty, Waikato Philatelic Society

Lindsay also received the Grand Award and the Stamp Agency Trophy and a voucher from dealer, Derek Lamb for the Interclub Competition went to the Waikato Philatelic Society. The awards were presented by Mark Benvie, President of NZPF, who before the competition presentations, awarded Andrea Bevan the NZPF Award for Service.


The Ambury Shield Competition was held for the 65th year in Hamilton on Saturday 8 November 2014 on a sunny Waikato day. There was a good representation of society members from around the region, as well as members of the general public.
Nine clubs from the Northern region entered the Competition with 44 entries in total, each of 4 or 8 pages. Six clubs had enough entries (5) within the rules to be eligible to win the Shield.

President of the South Auckland Philatelic Society Denise Rosenfeldt presenting awards to the successful competition entrants.
Ambury Shield Winners Waikato Ambury Shield BestinShow LindsayChitty Ambury Shield Novice Mike Sutton
Bruce Tapp, President, Waikato Philatelic Society accepts the Shield the society won with 379 points from their five entries The exhibit NZ Prisoner of War Air Letter Cards by Lindsay Chitty, Waikato won the Best in Show Cup The Novice Trophy won by Mike Sutton, Taranaki Philatelic Society with Rhodesia Double Heads Used as Revenues.

The Waikato Philatelic Society thanks the South Auckland Philatelic Society who hosted the event this year, and Robert Livingston, who was Chief Judge along with a team of experienced and novice judges and, of course, all the participants.


David Phillip, President of the society advises the society, which holds regular meetings on the first Monday of each month at the Richmond Villas in Thames, saw the small membership grow from 10 to 14 during 2014. Wherever possible all the members attend each meeting coming from Waihi, Paeroa, Thames and Coromandel. Each meeting has a theme that members contribute to as they are able and at each meeting members bring along items of interest that could be recent purchases or items from their collections.
The highlight of the year was celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Society which first convened in Waihi (as the Waihi and Districts Philatelic Society) on 5 October 1944. Frank Jans outlined the history recalling the Thames Centenary Exhibition in 1967 among other successful times. Past members joined us and spoke of their time with the society.
The small but active society will convene again on 2 February for another enjoyable year in 2015. David stated new members are always welcome.

Information for exhibitors


Federation has agreed to amend rules to allow for ½-, 1- and 2-frame ‘adult development class’ (developing NZ exhibitors only); and, for all other exhibitors 1-frame and 2- to 8-frame exhibits. This conforms to Australian practice and allows new exhibitors (who can no longer exhibit in the ‘adult development’ class) to stretch their one-frame exhibit incrementally or for experienced exhibitors to trial a new exhibit.


Federation has adopted a National Modern Class for all disciplines and these will contain material issued ‘substantially’ in the last 30 years. Guidelines and rules have been drafted and, after consultation with the Association of NZ Philatelic Judges, a final form will be confirmed and posted on the Federation website.


There has been concern raised about exhibitors not being made aware of changes to exhibiting rules and guidelines; upcoming seminars and courses; and, commissioners taking exhibitor material overseas not being able to contact potential exhibitors. Federation is unable to provide the necessary support to exhibitors or commissioners as it does not hold contact details.
Federation does have a list of exhibitors, their past exhibits and awards and would like to obtain contact details of these exhibitors, the status of the exhibits (for example many may have been sold or otherwise not able to be exhibited) and other related information. Federation has commenced a project to develop a database of exhibitors. If you are an exhibitor please contact [email protected] and he will add your details to the database and forward to you the record currently held about your exhibits for confirmation.


STAMPEX 2014 Adelaide

Sue Vernall, New Zealand commissioner and judge at this half national exhibition (limited classes) held 10-12 October 2014, reported the classes offered were traditional, revenues, polar, postal stationery, postcards, literature and youth. There was also a picture postcard challenge between South Australia, Western Australia and New Zealand.
The theme of the exhibition was ‘Bound for South Australia’ and Sue advised this was reflected both in souvenirs available and the prizes. Notable anniversaries celebrated were the 150th of the maiden voyage of the City of Adelaide and the centenary of the return of Mawson and the Aurora from Antarctica.

  Adelaide 10  Adelaide 11   Adelaide 12

Sue attended a Youth Conference at SAPHIL House on Thursday morning before judging commenced. The conference, organised by Yvette Trinidad (APF Youth Development Officer) and facilitated by Darryl Fuller, discussed the future of junior collectors in Australia and ways of keeping youth interested in stamp collecting. She found this meeting interesting and has passed some material to NZ Youth convenors.
Neil Fenwick New Zealand First Pictorials Pot Pourri, 3fr, 83, LV, Traditional
Amy Rosenfeldt New Zealand 1975-79 Definitives 2fr, 80, LV + SP, Youth A
Lachlan Smith Gold 2fr, 70, LS, Youth A
Louisa Slack Agriculture The Raising of Animals & Crops for Human Use 2fr, 75, V, Youth B
Ryan Smith Armed Forces 2fr, 76, V, Youth A
Sharon McTaggart The Search for the Big Five 2fr, 76, V, Youth A
Warrick Wright The Revenues of New Zealand Air Travel 3fr, 89, G + F + SP, Youth A
National Postcard Challenge
Ann Still A Postcard View of Early Nelson and District 5fr, 80, LV
Donna Stenhouse The Last Age of Elegance 1fr, 64, SB
Jenny Banfield Iraq – World War 1: British Involvement 1fr, 80, LV + SP
Yvonne Benson Taonga Maori – the Functional and Decorative Arts and Crafts of the Maori 5fr, 78, LV
Robert Livingston Taupo the Tourist Mecca, 1900-1910 2fr, 67, S
The Australian judges and organisers were very impressed with the number and standard of the NZ youth exhibits (seven exhibits in youth class – six from NZ). The results of the picture postcard challenge saw South Australia (339) head off Western Australia (316) and New Zealand (302).

The Palmares function on Saturday evening was held at Coopers Alehouse, Earl of Aberdeen Hotel ,a short walk from the motel. Sue learnt on Sunday that a man was murdered that evening in the boarding house opposite the Alehouse!

MALAYSIA 2014 (Kuala Lumpur, 1 – 6 December 2014)

World Youth Exhibition
Amy Rosenfeldt New Zealand’s 1975-79 Definitives 2 fr, 72, S, Youth A
Anna McTaggart Wild to Working-It’s a dog’s life 2 fr, 76, LS, Youth A
Lachlan Smith Gold 2 fr, 81, V, Youth A
Louisa Slack Agriculture,The Raising of Animals & Crops for human use 2 fr, 80, V, Youth B
Michael Davis Riding the Railroad 3 fr, 77, LS, Youth B
Ryan Smith The Armed Forces 2 fr, 79, LS, Youth A
Sharon McTaggart Search for the Big Five 2 fr, 79, LS, Youth A
Tait Beckmans New Zealand: Queen Elizabeth II Definitives 1953-1961 3 fr, 75, LS, Youth C
Warrick Wright Revenue Gathering Stamps of New Zealand 3 fr, 89, LV+SP, Youth A


The BAYPEX National Stamp Exhibition was successfully held 14-16 November in Taradale.
Baypex included the 7th Australasian Challenge. This saw NSW, ACT, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia, North Island NZ and South Island NZ compete. Each team was comprised of four, 5-frame exhibits from experienced exhibitors and two novice, two youth OR one novice and one youth. North Island NZ, with 509 points outscored their nearest rival, Queensland with 487, and now holds the Ed Druce Trophy until the next challenge – well done North Island!
For more information about the exhibition please go to their website www.baypex.org.nz



TAIWAN 2015 (Taipei 24-28 April 2015)


SINGAPORE 2015 (14th – 19th August 2015)


HONG KONG 2015 (20 – 23 November 2015)


Community Organisations Grants Scheme (COGS)

Denise Rosenfeldt has provided the following information.

With increasing costs of providing services for philatelic societies and declining membership to fund them, societies need to look elsewhere for funding options. Traditional types of grants such as ‘pub charities’ from the proceeds of gambling machines are sometimes used for funding events or capital items for incorporated societies or registered charities. The COGS scheme is funded by the lottery grants board aiming to make a contribution to the costs of running community organisations that provide local community based social services or projects. This entitles local philatelic societies to apply for funding to cover their operational running costs. This could include but is not limited to items such as hall hire, newsletter costs, affiliation fees, post office box rental, website costs, frame storage or projects such as exhibitions, conferences or camps, and is open to organisations that are not legally registered. Capital items such as office equipment or library purchases, social functions and publishing of material is not funded.

Full details can be found at: www.communitymatters.govt.nz/Funding-and-grants—Crown-Funds—Community-Organisation-Grants-Scheme
To apply your organisation first needs to register online: www.communitymatters.govt.nz/vwluResources/Community-Matters-special-edition-October-2014/$file/Community-Matters-special-edition-October-2014.pdf

DO THIS NOW OR AS SOON AS YOU CAN GET YOUR COMMITTEE APPROVAL. You only do this once before your first application for funding.

Once registered and your organisation has been approved you are able to apply each year about April – May for funding. The application will ask you to:

  • provide contact details for your organisation and an independent referee
  • describe what you want the funding for and what you will spend it on
  • describe how your community will benefit if your organisation receives a COGS grant (ensure this meets the criteria for your local COGS board eg. Giving stamp collectors including the elderly, youth and disabled an opportunity to meet together at a low cost and exchange material, ideas and socialise – not “paying for rent and newsletter costs”).
  • tell what other community organisations or networks your organisation works with (include organisations you may work with for hall hire, catering, publicising, community events eg. Guides/Scouts, Churches, Lions/Rotary, Community Board, Senior Citizens etc)
  • provide a budget breakdown (for all your expenses including other income)
  • tell about other sources of funding for your organisation that will contribute to costs (subscriptions, sales, fees, raffles)
  • provide annual accounts showing the last two years to support your application (these must be audited if you are applying for over $10,000)
  • provide a bank account statement with the name of your organisation, bank name and account number
  • provide a programme outline (if applying for programme costs eg. Camp, conference, seminar, exhibition)

COGS typically funds up to $3,000 per year to organisations and successful applicants need to provide an accountability report once funds have been spent. For the first application, the organisation will receive a visit from a COGS representative who will verify you are a bona fide organisation.

I strongly encourage all philatelic societies in New Zealand to apply to their local COGS board for annual funding to maintain the services you can provide your members and keep the membership subscriptions to a minimum. If we do not access these funds, other community organisations will, so ensure you get your share of the pot you are entitled to. Do not worry if your society has ample funds in hand or invested. COGS will still fund you for operational running costs. My own society has been applying for funding from COGS for many years. Our subscriptions would not even cover our hall rental for monthly meetings, so this funding has enabled the society to operate and provide services to our members we would have to otherwise find alternative funding for.

If you are a society providing for a regional or national membership you need to look at Lottery Grants.

Any queries can be directed to Denise Rosenfeldt email [email protected] or Graham Gauld [email protected]

NZPF profiles

The NZPF executive is made up of a President and Secretary (elected annually by all member societies) and two delegates from each of three regions – north, central and south. Each of these regions has a slightly different, but democratic, process by which they choose their delegates. As with all of our societies, NZPF relies on people volunteering to stand and be elected for these roles. The NZPF executive is made up of people who have a keen interest in furthering our hobby at all levels. They can best do their job if you let them know of issues that concern you or could be of interest to others. Contact details for your delegates can be found on the NZPF website at https://nzpf.org.nz/about-us/structure/nzpf-officers-delegates/

Federation executive Q3-2014 meeting
The NZPF executive at the recent 29 November meeting held in Christchurch. Clockwise from left – Leigh Gravestock and Terry Isaac (also Treasurer)(Central), Mark Benvie (President), Bob Gibson (Secretary), Barry Scott and Barbara Streeter (Northern), Stephen Chivers (Association of NZ Philatelic Judges), George Stewart and Karen Jeffrey (Southern).

The following profile two more of Federation’s executive.

Barbara Streeter (Northern Region delegate)

Barbara Streeter Barbara joined the South Auckland Philatelic Society in 1966 and has held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and President and is currently the Patron. During her time as President the society hosted the NZPF a couple of times and she has been a delegate on the Federation Executive on more than one occasion.
Barbara organized APPEX – an interclub competition – for a number of years and, in addition, a thematic only competition was held for about five years.
As a member of the PYC Executive since its inception at the Federation AGM in 1984, and involved with the PYC Youth Stamp Camps since 1987, Barbara has enjoyed seeing the youngsters doing well and enjoying their stamp collecting.
As the Youth President on the NZ1990 World Exhibition Executive she was involved in organizing the PYC Youth Court and a Youth Seminar held during the Exhibition.

In 1992 Barbara was asked to escort five youth Exhibitors to the FIP World Exhibition held that year in Montreal, Canada. Two of those youngsters are still involved in philately – Tim Beach, who is a National Judge and leader of the team for the City of Sails Youth Stamp Club, and Nigel Shanks who is with the dealer Auckland City Stamps.

During the 1990s on behalf of PYC Barbara organized a nation-wide 4-page competition in conjunction with the Stamp Hunters Club (NZ Post).

Barbara was a National Youth Judge for a few years. Her particular collecting interest is the Pitcairn Islands where she has a five-frame Open exhibit The Story of the Pitcairn Islands. She also enjoys collecting thematically and has exhibits of Food for Health, Culinary Delights and Coffee. Her more traditional interest is in the NZ 1960 definitives.

George Stewart FRPSL (Southern Region delegate)

George was born in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and started to collect Rhodesias when he was in his 30s. George came to New Zealand 20 years ago to settle in Invercargill where his wife’s family lived. Not long after arriving he joined the Southland Philatelic Society and was vice president shortly after!
George was secretary to 2001 A Stamp Odyssey in Invercargill. This was the catalyst for him to start exhibiting his 1937 Southern Rhodesia King George VI recess printed stamps which he worked on for the Northpex 2002 Exhibition. As a three frame he got a large silver and the Federation Cup for a first time exhibitor. In 2009 and a few exhibitions and medals later George accepted the invitation to become a South Island delegate to Federation.George, who was for a relatively long time in the minority of delegates who were not judges, feels he is able to see the exhibitors’ point of view, particularly if they feel aggrieved with results. The best advice George can give is to read the rules, look at the judge’s guide lines (all on the Federation website) and study successful exhibits.
 George Stewart 1

George was awarded the Julian Chapman Scholarship in 2009 to travel to UK to do research into the origin of the 1937 Southern Rhodesia KGVI definitive issue. As a result of his research he was co-author of the definitive book, published 2012, on 1937 KGVI S Rhodesia stamps. This was awarded a Vermeil medal at the FIP Australia 2013 exhibition. His speciality, KGVI 1937 Southern Rhodesia, was awarded a Gold at Baypex 2014.

He has a Postcard Gold for Rhodesia postcards and also exhibits one-frame with his Farthings exhibit doing the best so far. He is a Fellow of the Royal Philatelic Society London, Rhodesia Study Circle UK and is its representative in New Zealand. George writes for both those organisations and the New Zealand Stamp Collector. He is also the editor of the Southland Philatelic Society newsletter.


The following have been received by the NZPF and are listed for your possible interest. NZPF can take no responsibility for your exchanges with the named people but do wish you lots of enjoyment if you take the plunge.

CANADA: Gerard St-Cyr, 18 Rue Suzie, Victoriaville, Quebec GGP7S5, Canada.
Gerard, a French Canadian, would like to exchange Canadian with New Zealand stamps. He is able to correspond in French or English and this could be a good opportunity to exchange material and practice your French. Gerard sent a small packet of Canadian stamps – please contact [email protected]

CZECH REPUBLIC: Jan Filip, O Jeremiáše 1932/12, 708 00 Ostrava-Poruba, Czech Republic.
Jan would like to correspond and exchange stamps with a friend in New Zealand. He has had an exchange partner in NZ but after their death he has been seeking another person. Jan is over 70 years old and collects fauna topical stamps only. He is mainly interested in mint stamps but can also offer used from Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. While he is not very comfortable with his PC he will try to respond to any enquiry at [email protected]

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