Newsletter 78 – February 2019

Stephen says
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Stephen says

Welcome to this first newsletter for 2019. 2018 went very quickly as so much happened. It has been nice to slow down a little over the Christmas break but now it is back to work. As I write this I’m trying to get last year’s work out of the way before everybody gets back on deck and the new onslaught begins.

In philately, this year will another busy one. I aim to extend one of my exhibits and start a new one which will take some time, I look forward to the time when I can relax and spend a couple of months in the evenings just sticking stamps in my old albums. I’ve got about three cartons of material to sort though. Maybe I’ll have some spare time when I retire! [Those who have already retired tell me that might be a faint hope.] Besides Federation business I know NZ2020 will take up a bit of time.

Society visits
The executive have again been doing their best to get out to the different societies around the country, attending meetings or been asked to talk. I have been booked to talk to at least three societies this year. Others on the executive have also been booked but are also keen to get around the countryside. So if your society is interested please contact one of us (or, if you don’t know who or how to contact someone, contact who will be pleased to help).

Federation AGM
We held the 2018 AGM on Saturday during Armistice in Dunedin. The attendance and discussion of the delegates and observers was once again very good. It definitely works having the AGM during an […]

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