NZ National Philatelic Exhibitions

NZPF has agreed to provide the awards lists of national exhibitions on this website. The organising committee of a National Exhibition is required to provide these details as soon as possible after the results are notified at their exhibition.

This decision formally begins from Palmpex 2010 but the site also includes results from Timpex 2009.

NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibitions

Members of New Zealand societies affiliated to the NZPF have access to the material exhibited in the biennial literature exhibits. These publications are held as part of the libraries of Manawatu Philatelic Society (Exhibitions 1-13), Royal Philatelic Society (Exhibition 14) and Christchurch Philatelic Society (Exhibition 15). Information on who and how material can be borrowed should be addressed to the respective society’s Librarian.

Details for each exhibition can be found at Literature exhibitions.