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AGM and Congress

The 50th Annual General Meeting, Anniversary Dinner and Congress took place in Wellington in November. All three sessions were well attended and while various items of general interest relating to the A.G.M are noted in this release the December issue of New Zealand Stamp Collector will be devoted to the various papers presented at Congress. All Federation members will be sent a copy of the publication.

At the AGM the subject of subscriptions was again raised and a motion by the Christchurch Philatelic Society which changed the method of assessment of subscriptions was defeated. An alternate was suggested by the Southland delegates which may be offered as a remit to the next AGM. This suggestion, while similar to the defeated remit, sought to have lesser levies for smaller societies. This issue will be discussed at forthcoming executive committee meetings and more information will be made available later.

Jeff Long was elected President of Federation to replace Bryan Ogier who stood down from Federation committtee after a long and very productive membership concluding with two years as President.

A new Federation Secretary has been appointed, David L Fentress of Hamilton.

Federation Awards

At the Annual General Meeting the Federation was pleased to announce the following awards:

Award of Honour: Des Hurley
Philatelist of the Year: Barbara Streeter
Deserving Philatelists: Joy Knox, David Kent, James A Stapleton and Colin Winter.

Social Philately

At the most recent FIP Commission Conference, held 30 October 1998 in Milan in conjunction with Italia 98, it was agreed after a long discussion that social philately should be part of the Postal History Commission. Gerald Ellott, who attended the conference, and Ed Druce of Australia have been requested to present proposals to the Bureau. It was generally recognised that New Zealand and Australia were the pioneers in this exhibiting discipline.

Experts Association

It is with pleasure Federation announces that Dr Robin Gwynn has been appointed as a member of the AIEP (Association Internationale des Experts en Philatelie) as an expertiser on philatelic items of New Zealand and Dependencies plus ship and rail wreck covers.

Register of Speakers

Several newsletters ago a request was made for collectors willing to give any talks on any aspect of collectiiong to submit their names to Myra Luxton who, on behalf of Federation, is formulating a register of speakers and their topics. The intent is to assist society secretaries when they are putting together club programmes. To date the response has been slow. Any potential speakers are asked to contact Myra giving details of topics and any conditions (eg geographical area, time of year, costs, etc) to:

Myra Luxton
P O Box 32 060
Phone 03 347 8053

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