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Federation Executive

Jeff Long and David Fentress were re-appointed as Federation President and Secretary respectively at the Federation AGM with Robert Duns appointed as Treasurer. Changes have also taken place where some regional delegates are concerned. The Federation executive is now:

President – Jeff Long, Invercargill
Secretary – David Fentress, Hamilton
Treasurer – Robert Duns, Christchurch
Regional Delegates
Northern – Don Richardson, Whangarei and Keith Giffiths, Auckland
Central – Robin Gwynn, Napier and Bob Gibson, Wellington
Southern – Myra Luxton, Christchurch and John Wilson, Timaru

Federation Awards

Award of Honour: Ernie Leppard

Award of Merit: David Smitham and Frank Jans

Deserving Philatelists: Judy Watson, Joyce Lake and Tony Aris

Federation Website

There are still a considerable number of Federation members who have not taken the opportunity to get their society details on their web page. As noted in our last newsletter the objective is to attract new members rather than be there for existing members.

New Zealand Post

The issue of postmarks is under review and it is believed some new postmarks are to be issued early in 2000.

You may have noticed the envelope bearing the last issue of Focus actually had an 80c stamp rather than a post paid label. We would urge members to write to NZ Post asking them to keep using stamps as, after all, that is what the hobby is about.

List of Speakers – Update

Following the initial list of speakers in the September 1999 news release we have been advised of the following additions and corrections to the list.

Allan Berry
NZ Government Life Insurance Dept (a) to 1913; (b) 1913 to 1947 or (c) 1947 to the end
New Zealand Official Mail pre-1907

Frank Jans
The Way We were
Frank advises his Government Life and NZ Exhibition Cinderella displays are no longer available.

Jim Kilgour
World War II Postal History of NZ
Care, Storage and Cleaning of Philatelic Material

Judging Matters

The Association of New Zealand Philatelic Judges has applied for membership of Federation and has been accepted.

The Association also advises the appointment of Robert Samuel as Education Officer. Federation has delegated the responsibility of education of judges and the operation of training seminars to the Judges’ Association.

The national register of judges was approved at the Federation AGM and the Federation Resource Kit will be amended to include the new listing.

We are also advised Robert Samuel has been appointed to the panel of London 2000 judges and Keith Griffiths has been appointed to the Jury at Bangkok.

Rhodes Medal

We are pleased to record Robin Startup was the recipient of the Rhodes Medal (a prestigious award of the Royal Philatelic Society of NZ). The award was made at Palmpex.

New Zealand 2005

The year 2005 will commemorate the 150th Anniversary of New Zealand stamps. The possibility of another international exhibition that recognises the event was mooted several years ago.

This idea has been the subject of discussion and initial approaches have been made to New Zealand Post regarding sponsorship.

The various options relating to an exhibition are being investigated and expressions of interest from people willing to be involved with the organising committee are being sought. Any person or group interested should initially advise the Federation Secretary.

NZ National Philatelic Trust

The trustees have approved the following grants for the period June to October 1999.

$5000 Palmpex 99 advance
$853 Auckland Philatelic Society for mending display frames
$1250 Wellington Regional Stamp Show for promotion expenses
$5558 Canpex 2000 for FIAP support fee
$1000 National Literature Exhibition funding
$756 NZPF to establish website
$1000 NZPF for Judges Seminar in Christchurch
$1000 NZPF for publication of brochures and purchase of brochure display stands
$1500 Christchurch Philatelic Society towards cost of library computer
$750 Postal History Society of NZ for display at Sky City August

FIP Matters

Attention is drawn in the FIP’s newsletter Flash to proposed rules changes relating to expertisation certificates. Certificates should be attached to the rear of the display page and the fact a certificate exists should be noted by applying (E) (ie a bold letter E within parenthesis) as close to the text as practical.

A competition to be known as the Nations Cup has been proposed with competition between the FIP’s member countries. This could commence in 2001 and more details will be provided as they come to hand.

Palmpex 99 – New Awards

Two new awards were presented for the first time at this exhibition. The Campbell Paterson Award went to Tony Thackeray and the Federation Cup to Jenny Banfield.

Exhibition Results

The following details recent overseas exhibition results. Our congratulations go to all exhibitors.

Philex France

Gold – Bruce Alexandre
Large Vermeil – Ross Marshall and Bryan Ogier
Vermeil – Jim Stapleton
Large Silver – Robert Duns (literature)
Silver – Trevor Bevan and John Cambell (literature)
Bronze – Raymond Thompson (youth)

China 99

Large Vermeil – Robert Livingstone
Vermeil – Ross Marshall
Large Silver – Robert Duns


Gold – Robert Samuel (with special prize), Paul Wales (with special prize) and Bruce Alexandre
Large Vermeil – Keith Griffiths (with special prize), T Shimmin and Doug South
Vermeil – Ross Marshall and H Palmer
Large Silver – D J Wilson, H Waite, Norman Banfield, Keith Griffiths and Keith Griffiths (literature)
Silver – M Chadderton (with special prize) and A Mansfield (literature)
Silver Bronze – J Gluyas, T K Shinn (youth), Jenny Banfield, D Gallagher and Christchurch Philatelic Society (literature)

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