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Federation Award

We are pleased to announce that Ernie Leppard has been awarded an ‘Award of Honour’ to recognize the work he has done for New Zealand philately through the New Zealand Society of Great Britain.

Federation Website

Since the last quarterly meeting the webmaster advises 37 pages have been added or amended. There are still a number of societies who have not provided additional information or updated their webpages.

It is believed several societies have not added material because they argue none of their members have access to the web. It is not existing members the web is aimed at but all those collectors out there who do not belong to a society.


Federation has produced four brochures to assist societies answer some frequently asked questions. Two were released with the hard copy of this newsletter and the other 2 with the minutes of the last quarterly meeting of the Federation Executive.

Comments on these brochures and any ideas for others are welcome. These and any requests for additional copies should be forwarded to Dave Fentress, [email protected]

The brochures have a space for the stamp clubs to ‘stamp’ their own name and contact details should they wish to do so.

Federation Treasurer

It is with regret we note Trevor Bevan’s decision to resign from the position of Federation Treasurer effective from the upcoming AGM. We thank Trevor for the efficient service he has provided to Federation since he accepted the appointment.

The appointment of a new Treasurer will be required to be made at the AGM and nominations for the position are requested.

List of Speakers

As advised earlier Federation has been attempting to put together a list of speakers societies may call upon to provide talks and displays. Myra Luxton, who was asked to co-ordinate the list, has with assistance from others, arrived at the list below. These people are willing to give talks and their topics are shown.

For more details Society secretaries should contact Myra at P O Box 32 060, CHRISTCHURCH.

Joan Murphy British Royalty
Joy Knox Antarctica
Lindy Fisher Stamp Designer
Karen Hegarty Penguins
John Grimes Latin America (various countries)
Trevor Mullenger Canada
Reece Price Nepal
Keith Griffiths 1910 Coronation Air, Trans-Tasman Air, Boxlink, etc.
Gerald Ellott NZ Land Wars, workshops , etc.
Dick Armstrong various Great Britain subjects
Barry Scott Colony New Zealand
Trevor Bevan Association Football
Robert Livingstone NZ Aviation to 1947, Rhodesia 1965-79
Alan Jenkin Straits Settlements
Eric Gibbs Antarctica
Bernie Eyles Indian States, NZ George VI
Barbara Streeter Pitcairn Islands
Jim Kilgour Great Barrier Island Pigeongram Mail (*)
Jacobus (Co) Copooluse Germany (Nazi), NZ 1935 Pictorials
Ross Marshall Russia, Social Philately
Milt Gibson Australia
John Watts various NZ including Health, 1970 4c Pictorial, Telegrams
Paul Spain GB Engraved
Len Jury Tales of a Toastmaster
Bernd Konningham Interrupted Mail
Mike Steel Order of St John
Peter Goodwin Denmark
Rob Hunt Halley’s Comet, Energy
Monica Bardet Northern Territory, Australian Aborigines
John Palmer Framas
John Kelsey Iceland, Europa
Brian Vincent Rugby Football, Jazz
Colin Capill NZ 1970 Definitives, NZ and the UPU
Pat Capill Danish Postal History
Myra Luxton SW England Postal History, Tibet
Robin Gwynn GB 1d black and 2d blue
David Holmes Auckland Postal History
Warwick Patterson New Zealand
Bryan Ogier Great Britain
Frank Jans NZ Government Life, NZ Exhibition Cinderellas (*)

[(*) these displays are no longer available. See December 1999 newsletter for additions and alterations.]
New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Philatelic Trust

The Trust met recently to review its financial assistance to philately. As a result it has amended its policies in regard to:

  • Commissioner allowances and subsidies of frame fees;
  • suspensory loans and support of overseas judges to NZ exhibitions; and
  • support of Youth exhibitors to FIP Youth Exhibitions.

Details of these policies can be found at New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Philatelic Trust

Exhibition Notes

Appointment of Commissioners
Bryan Ogier has been nominated Commissioner for Philanippon 2001

Nominations for Jurors
Espana 2000 – Robin Gwynn, Barry Scott and Don Richardson
Belgica 2000 – Barry Scott, Robert Samuel and Don Richardson
Hafnia 2001 – Bruce Alexandre, Robin Gwynn and Bryan Ogier

Canberra Stampshow 2000
No NZ commissioner has been invited for this exhibition due to it being only for limited classes. Any exhibitor entering this exhibition will have to make their own arrangements regarding the sending of their exhibits.

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