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Federation Executive

Jeff Long and David Fentress were re-appointed as Federation President and secretary respectively at the Annual General Meeting held in Auckland in November. Robert Duns was also re-appointed Treasurer. As there have been no changes to any of the Regional delegates the Executive for 2001 remains unchanged.

Federation Website

Since our last news release more societies have provided details for the web page. Also, in a number of instances the webmaster has gleaned update information from sources other than direct communication from the society. There is considerable scope for member societies to provide more information.

The counter installed on the web site which became operative on 20 July 2000 had recorded 610 hits by 16 November.

The web site has also been entered in two competitions:

  • FIP International Philatelic Web Site Competition where it received a 3-star rating
  • Canpex 2000 where it received a Silver Bronze in the literature section.
Federation Awards 2000

Philatelist of the Year – Geoff Tyson
Deserving Philatelists – Bill Moore, Fred Wright

Our congratulations to these philatelists and thanks for their efforts leading to the awards.

Federation Youth Awards

The introduction of a NZPF award for the Youth Philatelist of the Year has been discussed. Guide lines for obtaining nominations, selection panels and other issues are being considered together with detail of the format for the award.


Several amendments are being considered to the criteria for judging apprenticeships. These will require prospective apprentices to provide greater detail on their breadth of experience and specific specialised knowledge.

NZPF Executive Meetings 2001

1st meeting Invercargill 19 March
2nd meeting Palmerston North 2 July
3rd meeting Christchurch November

The AGM will also be held the weekend of the 3rd meeting with the Philatelic Foundation as hosts.

Exhibition Notes

Commissioners should take care when accepting youth exhibits for international exhibitions to ensure the exhibits have not been previously shown internationally that year. At Espana 2000 twelve youth exhibits were removed on the grounds they had been exhibited previously at London 2000 and could not be displayed twice in the one

Belgica 2001

Commissioner Barry Scott reports 6 exhibits have been accepted from New Zealand.

Hong Kong 2001

Jeff Long advises 13 entries have been accepted for this exhibition. Barry Scott and Ross Marshall have been invited to judge and Bruce Alexandre will be working on cross-accreditation to Youth.

2001: A Stamp Odyssey

Entries for this exhibition have now closed. As this is the first New Zealand exhibition to be held since the judging accord with Canada was signed there will be the potential for entries from Canada as well as Canadian Charles Verge being on the jury.

2005 International One-Frame Exhibition

A proposal has been received from the Philatelic Foundation of Christchurch to hold an international one frame exhibition late in 2005. It is envisaged there would be between 500 and 600 entries. More information will be advised as it comes to hand.

Australasian Inter-State Philatelic Challenge

The ACT Philatelic Council has proposed a challenge to the other Australian states and to New Zealand (with North and South Islands as separate entries) to participate in an Inter-State competition. The winner would be the state obtaining the highest aggregate score from their entries. The event would be held 16-18 March 2002 in conjunction with the 12th National Philatelic Convention.

Each state entry would comprise 5 Open entries, each of 5 frames and one Youth. The Open entries may be selected from the following classes but only one entry per class: traditional, postal history, postal stationery, aerophilately, maximaphily, thematics, social, revenues (not Cinderellas), polar and First Day Covers. One of the five Open entries must be from a novice exhibitor. A novice is defined as an exhibitor who has never previously entered a National show (in Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere) other than a one-frame or literature exhibit.

For the Youth entry there are no restrictions on the number of frames or the age of the exhibitor. The Youth entries will be judged in relation to the appropriate age classes as used in FIP and APF exhibtions.

NZ National Philatelic Trust

The trustees have approved the following grants for the period August to October 2000:
$440 PYC for Fun Philately newsletter
$3000 2001: A Stamp Odyssey for seed funding
$4500 repair of exhibition frames in South Island
$1000 2001 National Literature Exhibition
$1000 2001 National One Frame Exhibition Palmerston North
$720 NZPF for web site expenses
$730 NZPF for major update of the Federation Resource Kit for all clubs.

Exhibition Results

StampShow 2000 Providence, Rhode Island

We note Amber Everitt was awarded a Silver medal in the youth section for her exhibit Birds in Art and Culture and also received the Junior Philatelist of America Blue Ribbon.

Espana 2000

Barry Scott, Vermeil (81 pts)
Bernd Koningham, Large Vermeil (87 pts)
David Loe, Silver (74 pts)
Denis Gallagher, Large Silver (75 pts)
Robert Livingstone, Large Vermeil (87 pts)
Robin Gwynn, Large Vermeil (88 pts)

Our congratulations to all exhibitors.

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