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Federation Website

The webmaster reported at the last Federation meetings that since the previous report some thirty-seven ‘pages’ have been altered, seven added and two removed and that currently there were ninety-one ‘pages’ on the web site.

It was noted however that six societies still have not provided any information.

Federation Strategic Planning

Late January this year the President, Jeff Long, sent out a special note to all clubs about progress with the plan and invited comments. Actually what he said was “give us some of your valuable time, put pen to paper with whatever you think is important to say about what has been achieved so far, what remains to be done, what topics need further considerations and how we might get to where you think we need to be.”

So far, we have heard from only two clubs!

How about finding the note sent to you and spending some time considering what you want YOUR Federation to be doing!!!

Federation AGM 2001

The Federation annual general meeting for 2001 will be held at the Philatelic Centre, 67 Mandeville Street, Christchurch on 10 November 2001. It will be hosted by the Philatelic Foundation. There will be a meal, social function and philatelic event on the Saturday night and an event on Sunday. It is intended the Sunday event will conclude after lunch so delegates can return home on Sunday afternoon. The meeting of the executive committee of Federation will be held on Friday afternoon and evening and conclude on Saturday morning.

Society delegates who wish to attend should make a note of these dates.

Exhibition Notes


This one-frame exhibition, which includes the 40th Annual Manawatu Philatelic Convention, will be held at the Palmerston North Community LeisureCentre, 569 Ferguson Street, Palmerston North on 30 June and 1 July, 2001.

7th National Philatelic Literature Exhibition

This exhibition is to be held in conjunction with Palmpex ’01.

2001 Centennial Stamp Show, Brisbane

This show is scheduled to take place between 26 and 28 October. Norman Banfield has been appointed commissioner for New Zealand in place of Myra Luxton who has resigned due to other commitments.

Prospectus and entry forms, which must be completed before 30 June, are available from Norman Banfield at 14 Rata Road, Raumati Beach 6010; phone 04 299 6639 E-mail normanb@xtra.co.nz

Northpex 2002

Is to be held from 5-7 April 2002 at the North Shore Events Centre, Glenfield, Auckland.

Their first Bulletin together with the Prospectus and application forms have been issued. Completed final entry forms together with frame fees must reach the Exhibition Secretary no later than 30 November 2001.

The exhibition secretary is David Loe who can be contacted through P O Box 34 253, Birkenhead, North Shore City.

New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Trust

The trustees of the NZ Stamp Exhibition Philatelic Trust (Zeapex) have announced a number of changes to their funding policies and, effective immediately, all subsidies on the current basis from the Trust have been withdrawn.

In future, personal written applications will have to be made to the Trust in respect of all future subsidies. There is no guarantee all or any applications will be approved.

The basis of future subsidies, subject to conditions set by the Trustees which may vary from time to time, are detailed at New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Trust .

Exhibition Results

Indepex Asiana

Allan P Berry, Vermeil (84 pts)
Faron Kersten Youth Silver Bronze (68 pts)
Julie Ingram Youth Large Silver (77 pts)
Robin Gwynn Gold (90 pts)
Stephen Chivers Large Silver + felicitations (77 pts)
Tony Thackery Vermeil + felicitations (80 pts)

Hong Kong 2001

FIP Classes
Bruce Marshall Large Vermeil (85 pts)
Hank Smits Silver (72 pts)
Jeff and Stephanie Long Large Silver (78 pts)
Keith Griffiths Vermeil (80 pts)
Monica Comrie Silver (73 pts)
Raphael Nolden Youth Large Silver (79 pts)
Raphael Nolden Youth Silver (74pts)
Rick Oxenham Large Silver (75 pts)

Open Class
Bruce Marshall Very good
Bryan Ogier Excellent
Keith Griffiths Good
Robert Duns Very good

Westpex 2001 San Francisco

Don Richardson Gold + special prize

Our congratulations to all exhibitors.

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