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Federation Website

The webmaster reported at the last Federation meeting that since the previous report some 28 pages have been altered, 3 added and none removed. Currently there were some 94 ‘pages’ on the web site.

It was noted that 6 societies still have not provided any information.

Since the counter was installed the number of hits had reached 1859.

Federation AGM 2001

For those people who did not make a note of details concerning the Federation Annual General meeting given in the previous release we repeat the following information.

The AGM for 2001 will be held at the Philatelic Centre, 67 Mandeville Street, Christchurch on 10 November 2001. It will be hosted by the Philatelic Foundation. A meal / social function / philatelic event is planned for Saturday night and a philatelic event on Sunday. It is intended the Sunday event will conclude after lunch in order that delegate can return home on Sunday afternoon. The federation executive meeting will be held on Friday afternoon/evening and conclude on Saturday morning.

Federation Delegates

Jenny Banfield has been appointed as central region delegate in place of Robin Gwynn who decided to step down. We thank Robin for his great input to Federation over a long period and have pleasure in welcoming Jenny to Federation.

Federation Youth Award

As national awards are given to outstanding senior philatelists from time to time the Federation wishes to recognise junior collectors who contribute to the success of philately throughout New Zealand. As a consequence Federation sought from all associated with stamps and stamp collecting submissions of names of people suitable for the award. Nomination forms were available from the Federation Secretary. Applications closed with the Federation Secretary on 31 August.

New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Trust

The following has been supplied by the Trust detailing expenditure and general policy matters which will be of interest to philatelists.

Expenditure item     1981 – 1996    1997 – 2000      Total
Federation         25,850           2,000     27,850
Frame storage           5,251           6,188     11,439
Purchase display boards           1,860                 0       1,860
Exhibition donations         21,000           4,500     25,500
1992 Congress           1,535                 0       1,535
1994 Stamp Month           6,791                 0       6,791
Commissioners’ travel         45,454         29,000     74,454
Local travel         14,073           1,921     15,994
Frame fees                 0           4,509       4,509
Youth         73,990           8,000     81,990
Auckland clubs           7,835                 0       7,835
Northern Region           7,500           6,000     13,500
Clubs general           2,646              760       3,406
Subscriptions           1,227              500       1,727
Sundry expenses           3,643              471       4,114
Income tax         30,485              668     31,053
Stock purchase         18,780                 0     18,780
Professional charges         19,258           1,850     21,108
Total                                                                                287,178        66,367  353,445

The Trust has retained funds received from the two Auckland based New Zealand International Exhibitions of 1980 and 1990.

The Trust has been fortunate to have Richard Armstrong as its treasurer and adviser on financial matters for the past twenty years. By his skilful management, New Zealand philately has benefited by the sum of over $355,000 from the excellent rates of interest he has been able to arrange throughout the period.

However, a note of caution must be stated here. The excellent interest rates of the 1980 – 90s have reduced by over 50%.

One of the interests of the Trust is the support of exhibitions overseas and this can be illustrated by the its support of commissioners’ travel expenses and, in the last four years, subsidised frame fees. These are normally half fees but to encourage the first time international FIP exhibitor, the Trust will pay all the frame fees.

The Trust has over the last twenty years solely supported the PYC but they intend supporting them in a different way for the next two years. The Trust will support a suitable qualified Youth exhibitor to attend a Specialised Youth exhibition in Spain, a Commissioner and if necessary provide assistance for a chaperon.

The Trust’s policy, announced in News Release No 31 (available at New Zealand Stamp Exhibition Trust ) is now being implemented for frame fees for the two FIP exhibitions being held this year. A progress report will be made on the impact of the changes.

The Trust would like to bring to the notice of collectors that it has some funds, which have grown appreciably since Zeapex 80, available for the study of Cook Island philately. Collectors who are studying, collecting and displaying Cook Islands are invited to write to the Trust with details of their collecting and study.

New Zealand National Philatelic Trust

The following grants have been made in the period April 2000 to May 2001.

$1000 grant plus $500 loan to the PYC for the July 2001 North Island stamp camp.
$500 grant to the Association of NZ Philatelic Judges for assistance with Judge’s Manual costs
$1300 grant to the Central Districts Philatelic Trust for storage of exhibition frames.
$400 grant to the NZPF for updating the Federation resource Kit.
$1200 grant to the Wellington Regional Stamp Show.


We are advised Bryan Ogier was appointed to the FIAP Executive Committee at the recent meeting held at Philanippon.

Exhibition Notes

Northpex 2002

The planning for this exhibition has picked up considerable momentum and we can now advise that Northpex 2002 has its own web site that can be visited via the North Shoe Philatelic Society web page. Fund raising plans are now being finalised and implementation is imminent. More details should be available in the near future.

Commissioners for the exhibition have been appointed with Charles Bromser acting for Australian exhibitors, Jeff Long for South Island and Jenny Banfield for the lower North Island.

The selection of judges is under consideration but the judging teams will not be finalised until nearer the exhibition when the scope of entries becomes clear.

Exhibition Results

Belgica 2001

Bernd Koningham, Large Vermeil (86 pts)
Robert Livingston, Large Vermeil (88 pts)
Bruce Marshall, Large Silver (77 pts)
Robert Samuel, Large Vermeil (88 pts)

Philanippon 01

FIP Classes
Greg Francis, Large Vermeil (86 pts)
Julie Ingram, Youth Large Silver (77 pts)
Bernd Koningham, Large Vermeil (88 pts)
Don Richardson, Large Vermeil (86 pts)
Alistair Waller, Youth Large Silver (79 pts)

Open Class
Jenny Banfield, Good
Ann Still, Excellent + Special Prize

Our congratulations to all exhibitors.

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