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The first meeting of Federation was held on March 20 this year and, as usual, there was a lot of business to get through.

New Zealand Post News

New Zealand Post has indicated its stamp issuing programme for the year, and no doubt readers will already have received some information about most of the issues, but one is of special interest. 2005 will be the 150th anniversary of the issue of N Z’s first postage stamp. N Z Post intends to mark the occasion with three series of stamps, one relating to each of the 50 year periods, and has asked Federation to nominate some people who could usefully contribute ideas about each of the issues. Nice to have collectors involved again!

Federation Meetings 2004

Upcoming Federation meetings will be held on June 19 and November 19-20, the latter also being the annual general meeting. If you have any issues or ideas, please contact your local Federation representative.

Judging/Exhibiting Seminar

The Association of N Z Philatelic Judges is holding a seminar for judges, exhibitors and any others interested on the weekend of July 24/25 this year. The first day will be looking at one-frame exhibiting, and the second will be led by Michael Blake from Australia, who will be dealing with a range of traditional philately topics.

Exhibition News

There is an interesting programme of upcoming exhibitions in NZ over the next few years, so for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections, get out your diaries.

FIP Exhibitions

ESPANA 2004, 21 – 30 May, Valencia, Commissioner – Don Richardson
Singapore 2004, 28 Aug – 1 Sept, Commissioner – Ross Marshall
Pacific Explorer 2005, 21 – 24 April, Commissioner – Keith Griffiths
Washington 2006 Commissioner – Don Richardson

FIAP Exhibitions

Taipei 2005, 19 – 24 August, Commissioner Keith Griffiths
Vietnam 2005 August (to be confirmed), Commissioner Jeff Long

National and Accord Exhibitions

Swan River 9-12 September 2004 Freemantle Commissioner – Rob Hunt
Baypex 29 – 31 October 2004 Napier
NZ Philatelic Literature Exhibition, 25 June 2005, Palmerston North
New Zealand 2005, 17 – 20 November, North Shore
Kiwipex 2006 29-31 Oct 2006 Christchurch
NZ Interclub Exhibition 2004 will be hosted by the North Shore society and will be held on 21 August 2004.

Tax problem heading your way?

The Inland Revenue Department seems to be reviewing the status of all sorts of organisations currently enjoying non-profit status. This essentially means tax exemption on the first $1,000 of interest. Usually, if this status is revoked it is because the winding-up provisions of the organisation’s constitution are not sufficiently specific. Perhaps you should review your society’s?

Frame Fees – a change.

Federation decided to simplify and extend the $6 frame fee to all frames erected at national exhibitions from 1 January 2005. This includes frames used for invited displays, youth entries, and frames used for philatelic or non-philatelic material not eligible for the national philatelic exhibition classes. Exhibition organisers can, if they wish, recover the frame fee from youth exhibitors, but no more than this amount. This is increasingly in line with overseas exhibitions.

Polar and Postcard Classes

The Polar class has been added to the schedule of national exhibition classes, and Postcards may be added to the schedule later this year, depending on some work to complete on membership and judging. Good news!

Federation web pages

The Federation web pages continue to be updated by most member clubs and societies. If you aren’t keeping updated information provided to webmaster Bob Gibson, then I presume you aren’t interested in people coming to your meetings?

Those Australians!

… beat us again at the Australasian Challenge. This involved 5 entries in different classes from each of the States in Australia and the North and South Islands competing in the exhibition held recently in Canberra. Last year, the North island was runner-up, and the South Island was just one point further back!

This year, ACT won and the North Island did well to retain their second position.

Silent Auctions

Silent auctions are an idea for a future club night. Have a small number of lots (say up to 12-15) and make them interesting. They can have reserves if desired. Place a sheet of paper beside each and at any time during the meeting, members can place their name and bid on the sheet beside any item they wish to bid on. Members can bid as many times as they wish during the evening. At the end of the evening, or at a specified time, the auction closes and the highest bidder for each lot pays his/her money and takes the lot home. This is a fun activity for a night when you are having a number of different activities with short breaks in between, rather than when you have a major speaker for the bulk of the evening.

Want More Info?

Further details on any of the above topics are available from Jeff Long at: 160 Soleares Ave, Mt Pleasant, Christchurch 8008, or at [email protected]

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