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Exhibition News

Results from ESPANA

Don Richardson was the NZ Commissioner and has reported the results as follows:

Vermeil awards:
Monica Comrie: Northern Territory of Australia – WW II Military Post Offices (postal history)
Robin Gwynn: Maritime Disaster Mail (literature)
Ross Marshall: NZ North Waikato Coalfields Company Towns (social class)

Large Vermeil:
Bernd Koningham: Crash and Interrupted Mail (aero exhibit)

Gold awards:
Ann Still: Mourning Memorabilia (open class exhibit)
Robin Gwynn: Maritime Disaster Mail (postal history)

Results from Royal 2004 (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Mark Jurisich was the NZ Commissioner and has reported the results as follows:

Gold awards (everyone!):
Paul Wales: The 1901-04 British National Antarctic Expedition
David Smitham: Letter Coding
Brian Summerell: George Edlin, the First Postmaster Scott Base
Jenny Banfield: Iraq – Rates & Routes 1932-1958 American Airmail Society Award
Jeff & Stephanie Long: The Horse in our Lives. American Topical Asscn Award

This was the biggest Canadian national exhibition held in recent years. The Canadians are gradually introducing a points system, currently providing points for youth, open and one-frame exhibits. It is interesting to note that over 100 people attended the judges critique session that went for two hours, and was followed by a selected critiques in front of the frames.

N Z Exhibitions

There is an interesting programme of upcoming exhibitions in NZ over the next few years, so for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections, get out your diaries.

BAYPEX, October 29-31, 2004, Napier
N Z 2005, November 17-20, North Shore Events Centre, AUCKLAND
N Z Philatelic Literature Exhibition, June 25, 2005, Palmerston North
KIWIPEX 2006, November 2-5, 2006, Christchurch

Overseas Exhibitions

Singapore, Aug 28-Sept 1 2004, Commissioner Ross Marshall
Swan River, Fremantle, Sept 9-12 2004, Commissioner Steve Chivers
Pacific Explorer, Sydney, April 21-24 2005, Commissioner Keith Griffiths
Taipei 2005, August 19-24 2005, Commissioner Keith Griffiths
Vietnam 2005, August (date to be confirmed), Commissioner Jeff Long


The Association of N Z Philatelic Judges held a seminar for judges, exhibitors and any others interested on the weekend of July 24-25 this year. One day looked at one-frame exhibiting, and the second day was led by Michael Blake from Australia, who dealt with a range of traditional philately topics.

Tax problem heading your way?

Just a reminder that the Inland Revenue Dept seems to be reviewing all sorts of organisations currently enjoying non-profit status. This essentially means tax exemption on the first $1,000 of interest. Usually, if this status is revoked it is because the winding-up provisions of the organisation’s constitution are not sufficiently specific.

Federation Resource Kit

Dave Fentress, the Federation Secretary, has just posted out a bundle of updates to the major document. Every affiliated Club will have a copy. It covers a huge range of topics – why not have a look one day?


The next meeting of Federation will be held in November. It isn’t too early to be thinking about nominations for the elected positions of President and Secretary. Also, there is a range of Federation awards. Nominations are requested by October 1 and full details are contained in the Federation Resource Kit.

Te Papa display

This is to mark the 150th anniversary of the issue of N Z’s first postage stamps. Details are still being finalised but the provisional dates for viewing at Te Papa are from July through to November on level 5, and there will no entry fee! When details are finalised, I suggest you mark your diary!

Rob Hunt

Members will be saddened to hear of the untimely death of Rob Hunt. Rob has been heavily involved in most aspects of N Z philately, and started off the first stamp camp for young collectors in NZ in 1966. As well as being a collector, he was an exhibitor and judge, was to be the N Z Commissioner to Swan River in September and a member of the jury at Baypex 2004. He was, or had been, holder of numerous positions in club administration, including being Secretary of the Northern Association. His contribution has been huge, and he will be missed by many.

Stamp Camp 2004

Twenty-six campers have been beavering away at new of expanded exhibits at the camp just concluded at Blue Skies, just outside Christchurch, including many who travelled from as far north as Auckland. Geoff Tyson was rather busy right through the week, with Rob and Barbara Streeter not able to help out, so it was great to see Sue Mclntosh, Dave Smitham and many others help fill the gaps, and a great camp was enjoyed by all.

One-Frame Exhibits

FIP have recently released Special Regulations and also Guidelines for the evaluation of one frame exhibits at FIP exhibitions. Looking at these new documents, and testing them, was an interesting part of the weekend for judges and exhibitors July 24 and 25. No doubt there will be some commentary provided for an upcoming issue of the Philatelic Judges Forum publication.

Stamp Promotion in 2005

No doubt you are all thinking about the memo sent out by Federation about promoting philately in 2005, the 150th anniversary of the issue of N Z’s first postage stamp. The Tauranga & Districts Stamp Club have gone further than just thinking about it and put some ideas on paper re holding a stamp week, having displays in the larger malls, sponsoring a stamp fair over a weekend, and focusing on older people who may have the time to spare, perhaps have some discretionary income and who need a hobby. How is progress in your region?

Want more info?

Further details on any of the above topics are available from Jeff Long at:[email protected]

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