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NZ Exhibitions

Baypex 2004 had just been concluded at the time of writing the last Newsletter to members. There was a large number of new exhibits on show, and substantial numbers of people through the doors, both good signs for the bobby and a fitting reward for the great marketing work the organisers had carried out. The Grand Award went to Frank Jans for his Social exhibit The Way We Were and Greg Francis was a close runner-up with Postal History, Province of Otago.

There is an interesting programme of exhibitions coming up over the next few years, so for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections, get out your diaries.

NZ National Philatelic Literature June 25, 2005. Palmerston North
Art in Miniature Sept 9-10, 2005. Blenheim (incorporating the one-frame interclub challenge)
NEW ZEALAND 2005 November 17-20 North Shore Events Centre
KIWlPEX 2006 (FlAP support) November 2-5 2006, Christchurch
NORTHLAND 2007 March 31-ApriI4, 2007 Whangarei (Traditional, Postal Stationery, Open, One-frame)
TARAPEX 2008 (incorporating the Australasian Challenge)

I hope all clubs are gearing up to enter the one-frame interclub challenge in Blenheim. Details are available from [email protected] or 41 Ferry Road, Spring Creek 7350.

Just a note here that the use of photocopied items in exhibitions is becoming a concern. They should be used sparingly, clearly labelled as such, and at least 25% different in size – ie reduced to 75% or enlarged to 125%.

Overseas Exhibitions

Pacific Explorer 2005 has just been held in Sydney. NZ had small number of entrants, almost half of them in the literature class.

The results were as follows:
Greg Fancis: Postal History, Province of Otago 92 Gold + Sp Prize
Jenny Banfield: A Postal History Study of Airmails from Iraq 1939-1948 90 Gold + Felicitations
Barry Scott: NZ Airmail Routes & Rates 1919-1948 87 Large Vermeil
Norman Banfield: Russia -Airmail Routes and Rates 1922-1950 86 Large Vermeil
Ross Marshall : Russia- Stampless Mail to the West pre-UPU 86 Large Vermeil
Steven Chivers: Burma Postal Markings 1825-1903 85 Large Vermeil

David Beech, Allan Berry & Robin Startup: NZ & Dependencies – A Philatelic Bibliography 82 Vermeil
Postal History Society of NZ: A Far-Reaching Innovation 75 Large Silver
Southland Philatelic Society: South of the Old Coach Road 73 Silver
Postal History Society of NZ: NZ Parcel Post Labels, Cards & Forms 71 Silver
Christchurch Philatelic Society: Captain Coqk 65 Silver-Bronze

Well done to all exhibitors and also to our members of the Jury Gerald Ellott, Don Richardson (Expert Committee) and Jeff Long (FIP Apprentice).

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Nordia 2005, 26-29 May 2005, No Commissioner
Taipei 2005, 19-24 August 2005, Commissioner Keith Griffiths
Canberra Stamp Show, 18-20 March 2006, Commissioners David Loe (NI), Steve McLachlan (SI) (Australasian Challenge event)
Washington ’06, 27 May – 3 June 2006, Commissioner Don Richardson
Belgica 2006, 16 – 20 Nov 2006, No Commissioner

Te Papa Display 2005 Stamped

The 150th anniversary of the postal service in New Zealand is to be celebrated at a forthcoming exhibition at the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa. Sponsored by New Zealand Post, Stamped: Celebrating New Zealand’s Postal History will be of vital interest to both philatelic enthusiasts and those with a general interest in stamps.

Stamped focuses on the development of the postal service and its use of stamps, on stamp design, and on how stamps have expressed New Zealand’s national identity. The exhibition provides an exciting opportunity to showcase the philatelic material and original artworks from the New Zealand Post Collection held at Te Papa. In addition items from various major private collections will be on show.

Stamped will also feature a selection of sixty-three pages from the Queen’s own collection. As well as the famous Kirkcudbright cover showing a block of ten Penny Blacks used on the first day of issue, the selection will feature the Full-face Queens acquired by King George V and written up by Edward Bacon.

The exhibition is arranged in four main sections.

Early post in New Zealand shows the development of mail communication, postage stamps, and the postal system, closely modeled on the British Post Office.

The mail must get through deals with internal and external communication by road, sea, rail, and air. It shows that mail had a key role to play in opening up the country and was vital for keeping in touch during wartime and times of natural disaster or social disruption.

Identity: New Zealand’s face to the world shows how far we have moved in interpreting who we are and what we wish to promote – from being defined by our ties to Britain to identifying ourselves through the cultures of the Treaty partners.

Contemporary design and production features the work of outstanding New Zealand designers from the nineteenth century to the present day, and examines the latest techniques of stamp design, printing, and marketing.

The exhibition has been designed to appeal to a general audience, but has much rare material to attract the serious enthusiast.

Stamped is on show from Saturday 16 July 2005 through to Sunday 15 January 2006. Entry is free. Be there! For further information please contact:

The Museum of New Zealand [email protected] or website at www.tepapa.govt.nz

Czeslaw Slania

Czeslaw died on 17 March 2005 after a short illness. After over 50 years as a stamp engraver, his skills and talents will be hard to replace. He engraved more than a thousand stamps, including the NZ $20 stamp of Mount Cook, as well as banknotes. He had a strong following of collectors, many of whom belonged to the Czeslaw Slania Study Circle, based in the USA. Three New Zealanders were members, and two of these have exhibited Slania material at clubs and various competitions.

Stamp Promotion in 2005

Just a reminder here – what is your club doing to promote the hobby this year? At the very least, you could update your club web page on the Federation website. Send relevant info to [email protected]

The Central Region of Federation is aiming to have at least ten one-frame exhibits photocopied and available for clubs to use in malls or libraries etc to promote stamp collecting and their club. These may be borrowed for just the cost of postage.

  • one club is offering a year’s free membership as a promotion
  • some clubs have asked for a getting started workshop for people thinking about developing an exhibit. If this idea appeals to your members, please let your regional representative know.
  • check the NZPF web site. It is updated frequently – are your club details up to date?
  • the Manawatu Philatelic Society will have listings of literature entries from recent literature exhibitions they have held
  • the Christchurch Philatelic Society has arranged for some interesting one-frame exhibits to be quality-printed, and made available for all clubs to help promote the hobby. Great effort. They will be available through the Federation Secretary for just the cost of postage.
Youth News

The annual stamp camp is coming up in October, and will be held at Wainuiomata this year. How about your club sponsoring a youth or two to attend? It is also time to start thinking about the Federation youth awards; some encouragement never goes astray.

Social or Open Class?

With the ongoing development of the Open Class to the stage where is now an experimental class at the world level, the Federation would like to receive feedback on whether or not the Social Class should be dropped as a national class at some future time. Please send your ideas to the Secretary at [email protected].

NZ Post News

Did you know that information on upcoming issues is available on the NZ POST website at www.stamps.co.nz As well, images from this website are available to be used in Society publications (an acknowledgement would be appreciated), and higher quality images can be obtained via mail from NZ Post. If you are a Society newsletter editor, why not give it a try?

Of interest is a book on the 150th anniversary of the issue of our first postage stamps; this will include a special miniature sheet of all the stamps issues, and only 4,000 copies will be available. July sees a pre-stamped envelope (PSE) on our first vending machine, as well as a series on cafe culture. July sees an issue of greetings stamps, and these can be personalised – perhaps a good surprise for a birthday or Christmas gift?

If you wonder why new issues are available for only a short time at most postal outlets, it is because the aim is to sell this new stock in just under four weeks, so unless you live near a philatelic outlet it pays to obtain your new issues early.

For those of you attending exhibitions, special cancels will not be available retrospectively. You can get covers cancelled on any current or subsequent day, but not previous days, so it pays to be there in person.

Comments or more info?

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or just want further information, contact me at [email protected] or via the Secretary at P 0 Box 19-119, Hamilton.

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