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 Upcoming New Zealand exhibitions
There is an interesting programme of exhibitions coming up for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections.

Art in Miniature (NZ interclub 1-frame), 20-21 Sep, Blenheim
Tarapex 2008, 7 – 9 Nov 2008, New Plymouth
National Literature Exhibition, 27 Jun 2009, Palmerston North
Timpex 2009, 17 – 19 Oct 2009, Timaru
Palmpex 2010, 12 – 14 Nov 2010, Palmerston North
CPS 100, Aug 2011, Christchurch

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Efiro 2008 (Bucharest)(FIP), 15 –22 Jun 2008, Commissioner Ross Marshall
Sunstamp 2008 (Brisbane)(Nat), 22 – 24 Aug 2008, Commissioner/Judge Tim Beach
Praga 2008 (FIP), 12 – 14 Sep 2008, Commissioner Don Richardson
Jakarta (FIAP), 23 – 28 Oct 2008, Commissioner Len Jury
Hong Kong (FIAP), 30 Jan – 3 Feb 2009??, Commissioner Norman Banfield
Melbourne Stampshow 2009 (Nat), 23 – 26 Jul 2009 (note new dates)
Philakorea 2009 (FIAP), 30 Jul – Aug 4 2009, Commissioner Jenny Banfield
China 2009 (FIP), 10 –16 Apr 2009, Commissioner Jeff Long
Dubai 2009 (FIAP), Dec 2009 ??
London 2010 (FIP), 8 –15 May 2010, Commissioner RobynGwynn
Lisbon 2010 (FIP), 1 – 10 Oct 2010, Commissioner Don Richardson
Joburg 2010 (South Africa)(FIAP), 27 – 31 Oct 2010, Commissioner Ross Marshall

Results from Canberra 2008

Barry Smith (Open) Commercial Prop Aircraft 1910-1960s LS
Bill Main (Post card – 1 frame) Pelorus Jack E
Brian Summerell (Polar) The NZ Oceanographic Institute S
David Smitham (Post H) Letter Coding V
Frank Jans (Open) NZ Centennial Exhibitions 1840-1940 LV
Jean Lee (Post H) NZ Pioneer Machine Cancels V
Jeff Long (Aero) NZ & the All-Empire Airmail Service 1938-39 S
Jeff Long (Open) One Man’s Journey B
John Campbell (Open) Slania: Poland and SwedenS
John Paston (Open) ‘Brittania’ and British Royal Yachts LV
Len Jury (Post H) NZ Instructional Marks V
Len Jury (Post H) NZ Registration Markings G + Sp
Lynne Nicholl (Open) Tobacco LV + Sp (best in class)
Monica Comrie (Open) Sheep and their Products LV
Paul Van Herpt (Open) The First 50 years – Scouting S
Robert Duns (Post card) Sumner by the Sea LS
Ross Marshall (Polar) Soviet Antarctic Amateur Radio V + Sp
Sandy Johnston (Open) Life Story of the Titanic LV + Sp
Sue Claridge (Post H) Italian POW Mail in Egypt LV + Sp
Sue Vernall (Open) Amateur Radio LS
Tony Thackery (FDC) Children’s Health Camps Official FDCs S

Results from Israel 2008

Barry Scott (Aero) New Zealand Airmails: Domestic & Overseas LV
George Stewart (Trad) Southern Rhodesia S
Martin Treadwell (Trad) New Hebrides LS
Ross Marshall (1-frame) Russian Airmails of Antarctica V
Stephen Shimmin (Post H) 1948 Palestine Postal Services B

Results from Taipei 2008

Edward Fairbrass (Trad) Christchurch International Exhibition 1907-07 V
John Paston (1 frame) Catapult Mail Ships – North Atlantic V
Len Jury (Post H) Large Numeral Handstamps of NZ V
Norman Banfield (1 frame) Imperial Russia – Censorship Foreign Printed Matter V + Sp best 1 frame
Rick Oxenham (Aero) Airmails of the Belgian Congo 1919-1925 V
Robert Duns (1 frame) 1929 G B Postal Union Congress V + Sp
Ross Marshall (Post H) Poland Foreign Postal Rates 1919-1925 LV
Stephen Schimmin (Post H) 1948 Palestine Postal Services LS

Results from the Edmonton Stamp Club Spring National 2008

Ron Hebberd (Post H) Maritime Mail-Transatlantic V

One Frame Exhibits
Donald Mee Censorship in Samoa WWI V
Hank Smits Native Birds of New Zealand S
Hank Smits Non-Mechanical Timekeepers S
Helen Robb Old Glory-Long May it Wave SB + Sp
Jeff Long New Zealand’s First Kiwi G
Jeff Long Waka Tipua V
Jill Glasson Lord of the Rings B
Josh Black Low-value Croatian Landscapes V
Lynne Nicholl Kingfishers S + Sp
Rick Oxenham Chile-Airmails 1927-1937 V
Rick Oxenham Concorde in Brief SB
Robert Duns Oh Alice! B
Shirley Hebberd USA Private Perfs S
Sue Simmonds Amelia Earhart DFC S

DX and mail from the UK

Ivor Masters of NZ POST attended the last Federation meeting and reported on the thorny issue of mail from the UK having labels applied over the postage stamps. Royal Mail had gone to the market seeking a distributor for mail in New Zealand; DX Mail won the contract and NZ Post is obliged under its contractual agreement with DX Mail to handle items presented to it from DX Mail.This includes the requirement for DX Mail to account for items sent thus, and NZ Post by both passing the items through their respective automatic franking/postmarking equipment.

It appears the main ‘culprit’ in this affair is not NZ Post or DX Mail but rather Royal Mail. Their actions could have a major impact on philately and there are specific concerns about obligations they may be ignoring under the UPU requirements. Royal Mail’s vision is “Our vision is to be demonstrably the best and most trusted postal services company in the world.” There is some suggestion they may not be achieving that goal with New Zealand philatelists. The NZPF has now written formally to NZ Post and DX Mail and Royal Mail.

Charities Act

It is strongly recommended you follow up on this matter, by reading the notice sent out by accessing the www.charities.govt.nz website. The end of June is the ‘final’ date for applying for charitable status.

Honours for Gerald Ellott and Robin Startup

Congratulations to Gerald Ellott RDP who was received the MNZM in the Queens Birthday Honours list for services to philately, and to Robin Startup who was invited to sign the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists.

Upcoming Federation Meetings

If you have any matters you would like discussed at a Federation meeting, please contact your local Fedn regional delegate.
Southern Region: Geoff Tyson, John Wilson (Timaru)
Central Region: Norman Banfield, Terry Isaac
Northern Region: Barry Scott, Monica Comrie
or the Federation Secretary Bob Gibson or President Len Jury
The next meeting is scheduled for 19 Jul at the Wellington Airport Conference Centre.

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at [email protected] or the Secretary, Bob Gibson, at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245 or at [email protected]

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