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Upcoming New Zealand exhibitions

There is an interesting programme of exhibitions coming up for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections.

National Literature Exhibition, 27 June 2009,Palmerston North
Timpex 2009, 16-18 Oct 2009, Timaru http://www.timpex.co.nz
Palmpex 2010, 12-14 Nov 2010, Palmerston North
CPS 100, 16-21 Nov 2011, Christchurch
Upper Hutt, May 2013, Upper Hutt (Specialised National)

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Melbourne Stampshow 2009 (Nat) 23-26 July 2009, Commissioner Graeme Russell
Philakorea 2009 (FIAP) 30 July – 4 Aug 2009, Commissioner Jenny Banfield
Canberra 2010 (½Nat) 12-14 Mar 2010, Commissioner Len Jury
London 2010 (FIP) 8-15 May 2010, Commissioner Robyn Gwynn
Adelaide 2010 (½Nat) 6-8 Aug 2010, Commissioner Sue Claridge
Bangkok 2010 (FIAP) 4-12 Aug 2010, Commissioner Norman Banfield
Portugal 2010 (FIP) 1-10 Oct 2010, Commissioner Don Richardson
Joburg 2010 (Sth Africa) (FIAP) 27-31 Oct 2010, Commissioner Ross Marshall
Mandurah 2010 (West Aust)(Nat 1-frame and Australasian Challenge), 19-21 Nov 2010, Commissioners Nth Is Bruce Chadderton; Sth Is Mark Jurisich
India 2011 (FIP) 18-28 Feb 2011, Commissioner David Loe
Philanippon 2011 (FIP) 2-7 Aug 2011, Commissioner Jenny Banfield

Results from China 2009 Exhibition

David Loe (Trad) 85 pts LV Iceland to the First World War
Gerard Carlin (PSty) 81 V N Z Newspaper Wrappers 1878-1980
John Campbell (Lit) 73 S Czeslaw Slania – Master Engraver 1921-2005
John Wilson (Trad) 83 V N Z King George VI
Len Jury (PH) 87 LV N Z Registration Marks to 1908
Monica Comrie (PH) 85 LV The Forgotten Forces: WW II Northern Territory
Rick Oxenham (PH) 82 V Belgian Congo: the Airmail Services 1920-45
Robert Livingston (Aero) 92 G NZ Domestic Airmails
Ross Marshall (PH) 90 G Poland Foreign Postal Rates 1919-1925

Congratulations also to New Zealand Post for coming second with a Silver Medal (only three medals were awarded) in the Postal Administrations Class with 30 entries. Well done to Ivor Masters and his team.

Results from Hong Kong 2009

Allan Berry (Trad) 88 pts LV NZ Govt Life Insurance Dept 1891-1906
Allan Berry / David Beech (Lit) 81 VNZ Dependencies: A Philatelic Bibliography
Jenny Banfield (PH) 91 G + Sp Postal History Study of Airmails from Iraq 1919-45
Len Jury (PH) 85 LV N Z Registration Marks
Ross Marshall (PH) 84 V Austria: Foreign Postal Rates 1918-1925
Stephen Shimmin (PH) 75 LS 1948 Palestine Postal History
Tony Thackery (Trad) 87LV Proving First Day & Earliest Use of NZ Stamps 1855 to April 1936

Congratulations to all those who entered China 2009 and Hong Kong 2009 on an excellent group of results.

PYC Youth Stamp Camp for 2009

This year the camp will be held at the Blue Skies facilities just outside Christchurch from Sunday July 12 to Saturday July 18. This is a great development opportunity for young people, both philatelically and personally, or you could volunteer as a camp helper. A lot of fun is to be had! How about your club sponsoring one or more of your junior collectors to attend? Contact Geoff Tyson at [email protected] for further details.

Frugal philately

Federation has now approved draft rules for this class with the average frame value set at $NZ200. If the judges consider that the value of material is higher than this figure, then the entry will be transferred to the appropriate class. The draft rules will be used at Timpex 09 and will be circulated through the Judges Association’s Forum for comment. The outcome of experience with the rules at Timpex and comments from the Judges Association will be considered at a future Federation meeting to make any amendments necessary.

Exhibiting rules

New Youth exhibiting rules

FIP has approved some changes to the rules for youth exhibiting. The age groups and number of frames allowed have been changed.

Class A 10-15 years 1-3 frames (previously 13-15 years 2-4 frames)
Class B 16-18 years 2-4 frames (previously 16-18 years 3-5 frames)
Class C 19-21 years 3-5 frames (previously 19-21 years 4-5 frames)

As well, Class C entrants are now able to be awarded a gold medal (previously LV was the highest award).

At the national level, Federation has approved a change to the frame fees for youth as follows: exhibition organising committees may charge for Youth class exhibits up to $10 / frame, to a maximum of $40 per exhibit. Youth Development entries are still free.

Changes to FIP Traditional exhibiting rules

The changes here mainly centre on the definite need for your exhibit to have a ‘storyline.’ Refer to www.f-i-p.ch for details. These new rules will be used at Timpex 2009

Changes to FIP Postal History exhibiting rules

These changes are more extensive, and introduce a new category of postal history exhibiting – historical, social & special studies. This might cover, for instance: Telegram services; Greeting cards (including valentines); Illustrated, pictorial commercial envelopes used in a postal system; Studies of the effect of the postal system on commerce, society & industry; Historical, local and/or regional studies; Studies related to an event or historical landmark.

Refer to www.f-i-p.ch for details. These new rules will be used at Timpex 200.

Courier services in NZ

There seems to be an issue for at least the main stamp insurance company in Australasia in providing insurance cover for stamp exhibits being sent by courier within NZ. NZ POST is investigating the problem.

Changes in N Z Post services

If you haven’t caught up with the changes yet, then:

  • There is no longer any collection from street boxes over weekends
  • From July 1, there will be five sizes and rates for international letters, with a new ‘large’ size
  • At the same time, postage rates will be increasing, so stamp denominations will also be increasing
  • Unfortunately, the international air with track & trace service is being withdrawn; the international courier service is offered as an alternative, but this is much more expensive
  • International parcels will be based on volumetric calculation unless sent in an international courier bag.
  • There are no changes to domestic postage rates.

More details are available at www.nzpost.co.nz/internationalchanges

Upcoming Federation Meetings

If you have any matters you would like discussed at future Federation meetings scheduled for July 18 and 27/28 November please contact:

Southern Region: George Stewart, D.John Wilson
Central Region: Norman Banfield, Terry Isaac
Northern Region: Bruce Chadderton, Monica Comrie

or the Federation Secretary Bob Gibson at [email protected] or at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245.

or President Len Jury

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at [email protected] or the Secretary, Bob Gibson, at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245 or at [email protected]

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