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Upcoming New Zealand Exhibitions

There is an interesting programme of exhibitions coming up for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections.

12th National Philatelic Literature Exh 19 Mar 2011 (note: entries to Norman Banfield by Jan 20)
CPS 100, 18-20 Nov 2011, Christchurch
Blenpex 2012, 21-23 Sep 2012, Blenheim
Upper Hutt, 2013, Upper Hutt (Specialised National)

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Indipex 2011, FIP, 12-18 Feb 2011, Commissioner David Loe
Sydney 2011, Nat, 31 Mar – 3 Apr 2011, Commissioner Bob Gibson (inc ‘100 Years On’ Challenge)
Philanippon 2011, FIP, 28 Jul – 2 Aug 2011,Commissioner Jenny Banfield
China 2011. FIAP, 11-15 Nov 2011, Commissioner Stephen Chivers Canberra 2012, ½ Nat, March 2012, includes Australasian Challenge
West Australia, Nat, June 2012, (inc ‘GAFFA’ Challenge)
QATAR 2012, FIP, Oct 2012
Australia 2013, FIP, 10-15 May 2013
Bangkok 2013, FIP, 2-13 Aug 2013
Adelaide 2013, Nat, Oct 2013

Results from Adelaide 2010

David Loe, PH (78) V 6 fr, The Postal History Allied Forces-Iceland
Edward Fairbrass, Open (67) S 8 fr, 1906/07 Christchurch Exhibition
Frank Glen, Open (68) S 4 fr, The 1000 Year Failure-Hitler’s Germany
Jenny Banfield, Open (90) LG 8 fr, Medicine-Its History & Development Special Prize
John Campbell, Lit (78) V Czeslaw Slania
Karen Jeffrey, Open (74) LS 4 fr, Victoria’s Dynasty
Michael Davis, Yth (75) V 2 fr, Ultimate Train
Robin Gwynn, PH (92) LG 8 fr, Rail Disaster Mail  Grand Award International
Sue Claridge, Invited exhibit Florence Nightingale: A Nurse in the Crimea

Evie-Joy South, PC (75) V 1 fr, Picton & the Discovery of a Lost Love
Jenny Long, PC (70) LS 1 fr, Estuary to Esplanade
Jill Glasson, PC (75) V 3 fr, Looking Back – Christchurch Lifestyles
Robert Duns, PC (68) S 1 fr, Aldersley Sumner

Results from Bangkok 2010 – FIAP

Jillian Williams, Them (77) LS 5 fr, Lighthouses
Paul Yap, TR (84) V 5 fr, NZ Postage Dues
Ron Hebberd, Rev (75) LS 5 fr, America: Civil War Revenues 1862-83
Ross Marshall, PH (80) V 5 fr, NZ Coal Southern Region
Stephen Shimmin PH (76) LS 5 fr, 1948 Palestine Postal History
Sue Vernall PH (78) LS 5 fr, KUT Postal History 1933-61
Tony Schluter PH (70) S 5 fr, Postal History Far North of NZ

Results from Joburg 2010

Ann Still, Open (86) LV 5 fr, Aspects of the Camel
Barry Scott, Aero 90 G 5 fr, Imperial Airways Limited
Barry Scott, One Fr (88) 1 fr, Australian WWI Military Envelopes + Letter Cards 1916-1919
Bruce Chadderton, Open 79 LS 5 fr, Descent into the Abyss
Doug South, TH 87 LV 8 fr, Our Feathered Friends
Erica Genge, PS 82 V 5 fr, The early years of British Air letters
George Stewart, TR 85 LV 5 fr, The King’s Head Design of the S Rhodesia KG VI Definitives
Lynne Nicholl, Open 88 LV 5 fr, Tobacco Special Prize
Stephen Shimmin, PH 78 LS 5 fr, 1948 Palestine Postal History
Tait Beekmans, Yth 78 LS 3 fr, New Zealand 1953-1961 QE II Special Prize
Tim Beach, TR 86 LV 5 fr, 1960 Pictorials – New Zealand

Results from Portugal 2010

Ann Still, Open (93) G 5 fr, Mourning Memorabilia Special Prize
Greg Francis, PH (90) G 8 fr, Postal History Province of Otago 1840-1926
Jenny Banfield, Aero (92) G 8 fr, Airmail Services from Iraq 1919-1945
Len Jury, PH (86) LV 5 fr, NZ Instructional markings 1831-1914
Norman Banfield, PH (91) G 8 fr, Russia – Censorship of Mail 1878-1920 Special Prize

Results from Mandurah 2010

Australasian Challenge

South Island – came 5th:
D John Wilson PS 80 LV 5 fr, NZ Lettercards
Josh Black TR 84 LV 5 fr, Croatia
Ken Ward TH 71 LS 4 fr, Serving Humanity (Novice entry)
Michael Davis Yth 80 LV 3 fr, Ultimate Train
Paul Wales Polar 93 LG 5 fr, 1901-04 British National Antarctic Expedition Felicitations, Sp Prize
Sue Claridge Open 77 V 5 fr, Nursing – An Illustrated History

North Island – came 3rd:
Graeme Russell TH 85 G 5 fr, Chemistry Serving Mankind
James Zhang PH 85 G 5 fr, Postal History of China During the Cultural Revolution
Paul Yap PS 88 G 5 fr, Ceylon Victorian Postal Stationery
>Ray Wisbey PH 75 V 3 fr, London Postmarks from 1701 to 1840 (Novice entry) Special Prize
Tait Beekmans Yth 81 LV 3 fr, New Zealand QEII Definitives 1952-60 Special Prize
Tim Beach TR 84 LV 5 fr, New Zealand 1960 Pictorials

One frame:
Barry Scott 85 G The Royal Air Force Desert Air Service
Barry Scott 85 G U K Air Mail Postcard Rates between the Two World Wars
Barry Scott 87 G Australian Military Envelopes and Letter cards 1916-19
Barry Scott 90 G New Zealand Prisoner of War Air Letter cards 1941-45
Brian Marshall 70 S Aspects of the Chaco War
Bruce Chadderton 66 S The Carved Structures of Whakarewarewa
Bruce Webber 56 SB Love My Heart – Chicago Heart Assn Valentine Seals
Dave Larson 73 S 1954-55 US Navy Antarctic Expedition USS Atka
Dave Larson 83 V Ross Island Historic Huts: Heritage & Restoration
Erica Genge 76 V British Prisoner of War Post 1941-45
Erica Genge 77 V Wartime Letters from Sudan 1941-43
Erica Genge 82 V British Forces WWII Christmas Airgraph Service
Jeff Long 70 S NZ’s Acknowledgement of Delivery Service – The Official Stationery
Jillian Williams 70 S Kingfishers
Monica Comrie 64 B The Humble Chicken

Invited Exhibits
Bruce Chadderton Konzentrationslager Prisoner Correspondence Rules 1933-1945
Jenny Banfield Development of Airmail services from Iraq – RAF Period 1919-1926
Norman Banfield St Petersburg – Residence Related Taxes

NZPF Awards 2010

NZ Medal of Philatelic Excellence – Jenny Banfield (this medal was awarded at the Palmpex palmares)
Award of Honour – D.John Wilson (Timaru)
Youth Philatelist of the Year – Tait Beekmans (Sth Auckland)
Postcarder of the Year – Bill Main
Deserving Philatelists – Bob Watson (RPSNZ), Claude Paulsen (Hutt Valley), Simon Allison (Manawatu), Tony Charleston (Manawatu)
Deserving Postcarders – Doug South, Evie South

Clinics for those interested in writing up or exhibiting material

Jenny Banfield, Federation Education Officer, is happy to host a workshop for any region, for intending exhibitors, or those who have already exhibited and would like help to improve. Contact Jenny at [email protected]


Good to know that CALs (customised advertising labels) of the sort issued in NZ are now acceptable in maximaphily exhibits. This will widen the options for those people interested in this form of collecting and exhibiting.

Modern Traditional Experimental Class – last 50 Years

Further to the note in the last News Release, the class will follow the existing traditional philately rules, except that exhibits will be restricted to stamp issues of the 50 years before 2013. eg if one or two values were issued in 1962 and the other 14 values from 1963 onwards, it would be acceptable. However, it would not be acceptable to show a British colony issue of 1954 when the 1964 watermark changes only amounted to say 1 of 5 frames.

The points breakdown has also been slightly modified to exclude importance. The 10 points previously allocated to this criterion have been equally distributed to Presentation and Treatment.

The revised points are:

Presentation 10 points
Treatment 25 points
Related Knowledge, Personal Study & Research 35 points
Condition 10 points
Rarity & Difficulty of Acquisition 20 points

As the Australia 2013 exhibition is an international, entrants need to qualify beforehand at a national-level exhibition, with at least a vermeil medal for 5 frames. More details can be found at www.sydneystampexpo2011.org.au

The CPS 100 exhibition in Christchurch 2011 is offering the first opportunity to qualify for Australia 2013.

Modern Philately Experimental Class –last 20 years

FIAP has recently approved a new experimental class to promote modern philately. At CHINA 2011 in Wuxi there will be a promotional Class for Modern Philately – material issued by postal authorities within the past 20 years (1990-2011). This class is available for exhibits complying with the special regulations for Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Thematic and Revenue classes.

Promotional Class exhibits will be judged according to the regulations for these classes with points awarded as follows:

Presentation 10 points
Treatment 30 points
Knowledge & Research 35 points
Condition 10 points
Rarity 10 points
Difficulty of Acquisition 5 points

Entry will be based on the recommendation of national commissioners, and at discretion of the organizing committee. Entry size is 3 frames.

From the FIP Thematic Commission

The Commission is encouraging exhibitors at the local level to get involved with a ‘thematic postage stamp’ class. This is essentially the topical way of collecting, which is popular with many. More information may be forthcoming at a future date.

From the NZPF Annual Meeting

This was President Len Jury’s last meeting, and Len reported on a wide range of matters, including

  • the fact that membership had actually enjoyed a small increase, rather than a decline faced by many hobby clubs
  • the ‘shop window’ exhibitions continued to attract new participants; 27 new exhibitors at Palmpex 2010
  • the increasing numbers of NZ exhibitors at overseas exhibitions, and the amount of success at the highest leve
  • special thanks to Jenny Banfield for her work in travelling around NZ promoting the hobby & encouraging exhibitors
  • an improved financial base now achieved by Federation
  • thanks to the Executive members, and to Commissioners and Judges who have carried our flag overseas

Norman Banfield was elected President and Bob Gibson re-elected as Secretary. The Executive has re-appointed Terry Isaac as Treasurer.

Upcoming Federation Meetings

If you have any matters you would like discussed at the next Federation meeting on March 26 in Wellington contact:

Southern Region: George Stewart, Karen Jeffrey
Central Region: Terry Isaac
Northern Region: Tim Beach, Robert Livingston

or the Federation Secretary Bob Gibson at [email protected], or at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245

or President Norman Banfield at [email protected]

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at [email protected] or the Secretary, Bob Gibson, at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245 or at [email protected]

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