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Upcoming New Zealand Exhibitions

Upper Hutt 2013 13-16 Sep 2013 Upper Hutt (Specialised National)
NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition 16 Mar 2013 Manawatu Philatelic Society
Baypex 2014 (inc. Australasian Challenge) Nov 2014 Hastings Stamp Collectors Club
The Capital Stamp Show 2015 Wellington Philatelic Society

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Australia 2013(FIP) 10-15 May 2013, Melbourne Commissioner Ross Marshall
Thailand 2013 (FIP) 2-8 Aug 2013,Bangkok Commissioner Norman Banfield
Brasiliana 2013 (FIP)11-17 Nov 2013, Rio de Janeiro Commissioner Jeff Long
Philakorea 2014, Seoul (FIP) 7-12 Aug 2014
Malaysia 2014 World Youth, Kuala Lumpur

Results from Blenpex 2012

Congratulations to Jenny Banfield who won the Grand Award, with Medicine – its History & Development. Runner-up was Doug South with Our Feathered Friends. The Mowbray Award for the best exhibit of NZ material went to Ken Markham, with NZ’s Early History – traced through stamps, mail and ephemera. Warrick Wright won the Youth Grand Award with his exhibit of Revenue Gathering Stamps of NZ. Special congratulations to all the new exhibitors and to youth entrants.

Results from Sharjah 2012

Doug South Our Feathered Friends Them 8 fr 87 LV (Sp Prize)
Jeff Long NZ’s Advice of Receipt Service 1892 – 2009 PH 5 fr 85 LV (Sp Prize)
Josh Black Croatian Landscapes 1941-1945 Trad 5 fr 83 V
Sue Vernall Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika Postal History PH 5 fr 83 V
Stephen Shimmin Palestine 1948 PH 5 fr 80 V

Results from 60th Anniv NZ Society of GB Exhibition 2012

Congratulations to the two large gold winners:
Paul Wales The 1901-4 British National Antarctic Expedition
Paul Wreglesworth The NZ Second Sideface Issue

Derek Diamond received an award for the highest score by a first-time entrant, with an exhibit of the local printings of the 1898 issue of NZ.

Federation Resource Kit

The large hard-copy file that needed to be updated by Society Secretaries every other year, is now on-line. Club Secretaries should now remove the old hard copies from their shelves, except perhaps for those sections which do not date. Section D2, which contains rules and guidelines for exhibition classes and the official mark sheets, once updated, will also be available on the web. Federation is still reviewing the site content and functionality; comments, and suggestions would be most welcome – contact the Federation Secretary, Bob Gibson. Has your Society provided updated information yet?

64th Annual General Meeting 2012

Nineteen members of Federation were represented at the meeting, hosted by the Taranaki Philatelic Society. Retiring President Norman Banfield, commented on the increasing numbers of new exhibitors in NZ, the role of NZ philately overseas, recent and upcoming NZ national exhibitions, and the collector scene. As recommended to member Societies earlier this year, the NZPF has amended its Constitution to effectively replace the need for an audit with a process of financial review.

The NZ National Philatelic Trust reported on $10,200 of grants and loans disbursed during the year.

Congratulations to Bob Gibson on being re-elected as Secretary for another term, to Terry Isaac for another term as Treasurer, and welcome to Mark Benvie as the incoming President.

2012 Federation Awards

Philatelist of the Year – Jeff Long
Youth Philatelist of the Year – Brydon Sundgren
Deserving Deltiologist – Bruce Isted
Deserving Philatelists – Ross Gainsford, Jan Price, Richard Smolnicki, and Ivor Masters.

(Ivor’s award is in recognition of his support, and that of N Z Post, for national exhibitions and the NZ National Philatelic Trust).

Future Federation Awards

The closing date has been brought forward to June 30 each year, with decisions to be made at the July Federation meeting. This will enable presentations to be made in a more timely manner, rather than at year-end. The Deserving Collector award criteria will be amended to reflect the service criteria. ‘Postcarder’ will now be referred to as ‘Deltiologist’. The Award of Merit is now open to a deltiologist with suitable qualifications. Further details will shortly be uploaded to the NZPF website.

Gemstone Awards at Exhibitions

It was decided at the last quarterly meeting of the NZPF that, following the Upper Hutt Exhibition in Sept 2013, gemstone awards (diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz) for all philatelic and postcard exhibits would be replaced with the medal award appropriate to the assessed points. There is already a generic one-frame medal available through Federation which was used for the first time at Blenpex 2012. The medals to be awarded for exhibits that would previously have received a gemstone award (adult development, one-frame, and postcards 1-2 frames) are to be decided at the NZPF meeting in March 2013. Further, it was confirmed that the term vermeil is to be used from now on, rather than silver-gold.

Upcoming Federation Meetings

The first meeting for 2013 is scheduled for March 23 in Wellington. If you have any matters you would like discussed contact:

Southern Region: George Stewart, Karen Jeffrey
Central Region: Terry Isaac, Leigh Gravestock
Northern Region: Mark Benvie, Robert Livingston

or the Federation Secretary Bob Gibson at [email protected], or at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245

or President Mark Benvie at [email protected]

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at [email protected] or the Secretary, Bob Gibson, at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245 or at [email protected]

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