April 2013 newsletter contains
  • Upcoming New Zealand Exhibitions
  • Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions
  • NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition 2013
  • Australia 2013, Melbourne, 10-15 May
  • Federation Resource Kit
  • PYC Gold Achievement Awards
  • Gemstone Awards at Exhibitions

Upcoming New Zealand Exhibitions

Upper Hutt 2013 13-16 Sep 2013 Upper Hutt (Specialised National)
Baypex 2014 (inc. Australasian Challenge) 14-16 Nov 2014 Hastings Stamp Collectors Club
The Capital Stamp Show 2015 Wellington Philatelic Society

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Australia 2013(FIP) 10-15 May 2013, Melbourne Commissioner Ross Marshall
Thailand 2013 (FIP) 2-8 Aug 2013,Bangkok Commissioner Norman Banfield
Brasiliana 2013 (FIP)11-17 Nov 2013, Rio de Janeiro Commissioner Jeff Long
Philakorea 2014, Seoul (FIP) 7-12 Aug 2014, Commissioner Bruce Chadderton
Malaysia 2014 World Youth (FIP), Kuala Lumpur 14-21 Sep 2014
Singapore 2015, FIP, 17 – 21 Aug 2015
Hong Kong, FIAP Nov 2015
Washington 2016, FIP 28 May – 4 Jun 2016

NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition 2013

This exhibition was held in mid-March this year, and attracted 36 monographs and 13 periodicals. The judges were Robin Gwynn and Norman Banfield, with Mark Benvie and Bruce Chadderton as apprentices. The Grand Award went to Ashley Lawrence for The Sower, a Common Little French Stamp with the runner-up being Colin Tabeart’s Australia New Zealand UK Mails, Vol 2, 1881-1900: rates, routes and ships out and home.

The best periodical was Maurice Tyler’s Journal of France & Colonies Philatelic Society.

A full list of entries and awards can be found at Thirteenth Literature Exhibition 2013.

Australia 2013, Melbourne, 10-15 May

This is the closest international exhibition we are going to see for some time. There will be nearly 700 competitive entries with over 50,000 pages of philatelic material, at least 80 dealers, a huge range of meetings being held by various study circles etc, as well as eight FIP Commission meetings. For some extra fun, you can be involved as a helper or supporter. Find out more by going to the website http://www.australia2013.com

Whatever else you do this year, make sure you visit – you won’t be disappointed!

Federation Resource Kit

The sections of the FRK which are now on-line have had a large number of changes made reflecting decisions of the Federation Executive Committee made at their last two meetings and rule changes made at the 2012 AGM. Section D2, which contains rules and guidelines for exhibition classes and the official mark sheets, once updated, will also be available on the web.

Federation is still reviewing the site content and functionality; comments, and suggestions would be most welcome – contact the Federation Secretary, Bob Gibson. Has your Society updated club information?

PYC Gold Achievement Awards

Congratulations to Anna McTaggart & Louisa Slack of the Hutt Valley Junior Stamp Club on achieving the ultimate!

Federation Awards 2013

Just a reminder that the closing date for nominations for awards is June 30.

Gemstone Awards at Exhibitions

It was decided at the last quarterly meeting of the NZPF that gemstone awards (diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz) for all philatelic and postcard exhibits would be replaced with the medal award appropriate to the assessed points. This means that all classes at national exhibitions, other than those listed next in this note, will receive awards described in terms of the full range of medals – Bronze (50-59 points) through to Large Gold (90-100 points). The exception will be non-philatelic exhibits (such as trade cards, cigarette cards or banknotes). First-time exhibitors will receive the Len Jury Medal. The medals to be awarded for exhibits that would previously have received a gemstone award (one-frame, adult development and postcards) will be inscribed ‘one frame,’ ‘development’ and ‘postcard’ respectively.

Gemstone awards remain appropriate for exhibits or displays that are not in a national exhibition eg, inter-club one-frame competition, North Shore annual exhibition.

Upcoming Federation Meetings

The next meeting for 2013 is scheduled for July 27 in Wellington. If you have any matters you would like discussed contact:

Southern Region: George Stewart, Karen Jeffrey
Central Region: Terry Isaac, Leigh Gravestock
Northern Region: Mark Benvie, Robert Livingston

or the Federation Secretary Bob Gibson at [email protected], or at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245

or President Mark Benvie at [email protected]

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at [email protected] or the Secretary, Bob Gibson, at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245 or at [email protected]

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