• Upcoming New Zealand Exhibitions
  • Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions
  • Results from Australia 2013, Melbourne, 10-15 May
  • Results from Thailand 2013
  • Results of the NZ Inter-club One frame Competition
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Upcoming New Zealand Exhibitions

Upper Hutt 2013 13-16 Sep 2013 Upper Hutt (Specialised National)
Baypex 2014 (inc. Australasian Challenge) 14-16 Nov 2014 Hastings Stamp Collectors Club
The Capital Stamp Show 2015 Wellington Philatelic Society

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Brasiliana 2013 (FIP)11-17 Nov 2013, Rio de Janeiro Commissioner Jeff Long
Saudi 2014 FIAP 12-17 Mar 2014 Commissioner Jenny Banfield
Canberra 2014 ½ Nat 14-16 Mar 2014 Commissioner Mark Benvie
Philakorea 2014, Seoul (FIP) 7-12 Aug 2014, Commissioner Bruce Chadderton
Adelaide Stampshow ½ Nat 10-12 Oct 2014 Commissioner Sue Vernall
MALAYSIA 2014 World Youth (FIP), Kuala Lumpur 30 Dec 2014 – 5 Jan 2015, Commissioner Jeff Long
ANZAC Sydney National,  April 2015
Bangkok 2015 (FIAP) April 2015
SINGAPORE 2015 (FIP), 14 – 19 Aug 2015
Hong Kong, (FIAP), Nov 2015
World Stamp Show New York 2016 (FIP), 28 May – 4 Jun 2016

Results from Australia 2013, Melbourne, 10-15 May

Ross Marshall (PH) 8fr 93 G Russia Insured Money Letters
Jenny Banfield (Open) 8 fr 90 (Sp Pr) Medicine – its History & Development
Len Jury (PH) 8 fr 90 G NZ Instructional Mail Markings 1831-1914
Len Jury (PH) 8 fr 90 G NZ Registration Markings to 1908
Robin Gwynn (PH) 5 fr 90 G Rail Disaster Mail
Stephen Chivers (Mod Trad) 5 fr 88 NZ Native Bird Definitives 1985-1990
Len Jury (Trad) 5 fr 86 LV NZ Victory Issue 1920
Sue Claridge (Open) 5 fr 86 Saluting the Women Nurses in Service
Tony Thackery (Trad) 8 fr 85 LV Proving First Day & Earliest Use of NZ Stamps 1855-1935
Douglas South (Them) 8 fr 85 LV Our Feathered Friends
George Stewart (Lit) 82 V The KG VI Postage & Revenue Definitives of Southern Rhodesia
Lindsay Chitty (Open) 5 fr 81 Maoritanga of N Z – the Culture of a Proud Race
Graeme Russell (Them) 8 fr 81 V Chemistry – Servant of Mankind
David Loe (PH) 5 fr 80 V The Postal History of the Allied Forces in Iceland in W W II
Ann Still (Open) 5 fr 80 Aspects of the Camel
Erica Genge (Mod Trad) 5 fr 78 Republic of South Africa 6th Definitive Series
Stephen Shimmin (PH) 5 fr 77 LS 1948 Palestine Postal Services
Bruce Chadderton (Lit) 76 LS Descent into the Abyss
Jillian Williams (Them) 5 fr 75 LS Lighthouses
Lindsay Chitty (Them) 5 fr 73 S The Language of Philately using NZ Stamps & Postal History
Violet Stewart (Open) 1 fr 73 Singer – Sewing Machine of Social Change
Tony Schluter (PH) 5 fr 70 S Postal History of the Far North

Note: no medals were awarded for Open, Modern Traditional or One-Frame classes

Results from Thailand 2013

Len Jury PH 8 fr 88 LV NZ Registration Markings to 1908
David Loe PH 5 fr 80 V Early Postmark Types of Iceland
Robert Livingston 1 fr 82 Canterbury Aviation, NZ
Ross Marshall Trad 5 fr 78 LS Poland: May 1921 – May 1924
Tony Schluter PH 5 fr 66 SB Postal History of the Far North of NZ

Results of the NZ Inter-club One frame Competition

Christchurch Philatelic Society (345 points)
Hastings Stamp Club (340)
Horowhenua Philatelic Society (274)
Kapiti Philatelic Society (326)
Manawatu Philatelic Society (338)
Marlborough Stamp Collectors Club (354 third)
NZ Stamp Collectors Club (379 first)
Waikato Philatelic Society (349)
Wellington Philatelic Society (369 second)

Well done to all clubs who got together an entry!

Federation Resource Kit

The sections of the FRK which are now on-line have had a large number of changes made reflecting decisions of the Federation Executive Committee made at their last two meetings and rule changes made at the 2012 AGM. Section D2, which contains rules and guidelines for exhibition classes and the official mark sheets, once updated, will also be available on the web.

Federation is still reviewing the site content and functionality; comments, and suggestions would be most welcome – contact the Federation Secretary, Bob Gibson. Has your Society updated club information?

News release

Want to ‘cut and paste’ from this News Release?

A copy is available at the Federation website www.nzpf.org.nz

Upcoming Federation Meetings

The next meeting and AGM for 2013 is scheduled for November 23 in Auckland. If you have any matters you would like discussed contact:
Southern Region: George Stewart, Karen Jeffrey
Central Region: Terry Isaac, Leigh Gravestock
Northern Region: Mark Benvie, Robert Livingston
or the Federation Secretary Bob Gibson at secretary@nzpf.org.nz, or at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245
or President Mark Benvie at markbenvie@internet.co.nz

 Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at jefflong@xtra.co.nz or the Secretary, Bob Gibson, at PO Box 58139, Whitby, Porirua 5245 or at secretary@nzpf.org.nz

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