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Federation Dues

Would society secretaries please note that a subscription invoice in respect of dues payable to Federation was included in the Resource Kit update recently distributed. It would be appreciated if societies would complete the details and make an early response.

Federation Website

The Federation website began operation on 15 April 1999 with Bob Gibson as the webmaster. Societies should contact Bob regarding input for their society page. Federation regional delegates have a hard copy of the information on the website available for secretaries or others who do not have access to the Internet.

Data Capture and Retrieval System

Federation would like a replacement for Tom Lee on the data retrieval programme following his withdrawal. Any person who is interested in being involved with the project is requested to contact the federation secretary.

New Zealand Post News

First day postmarks
A complaint was received regarding the special first day cover produced NZ Post for issue from Wanganui for their subsidiary Kiwi Mail. The concern related to the production of a printed ‘first day cover’ some months after the actual first use date. These printed postmarks are different from the genuinely used items and it is suggested they will not affect the value of the originals. N Z Post has noted the concern.

Society listing
NZ Post has arranged a listing of all New Zealand philatelic societies and stamp clubs in the next issue of Focus (June 99).

Roll of Distinguished Philatelists

We note from a press release issued by the Board of Election that Antonio Bertolaja of Italy and Joseph Hackmey of Israel have been invited to sign the Roll at the next Philatelic Congress of Great Britain to be held in Salisbury from 15-17 July 1999.

Judges’ Association

It is pleasing to see that Issue No 1 of the Philatelic Judges Forum has been issued. Commissioners and Judges are requested to send a copy of their exhibition reports to the journal editor – Allan Berry, Thames.

Exhibition Notes

Appointment of Commissioners
John Murr has been reaffirmed as Commissioner for Indonesia 2000 to be held August 15-21. Barry Scott has been appointed as Commissioner to Belgica 2001.

Youth exhibiting
We confirm that youth exhibits require a silver medal at national for an exhibit before it may be entered at International level. Any youth exhibit achieving a Vermeil at an FIP exhibition will automatically qualify to be entered as an adult exhibit at FIP level.

National exhibitions
The following national exhibitions are those currently approved by Federation:

Palmpex1999 – Palmerston North, October 1-3, 1999
Canpex 2000 – Christchurch, October 5-8, 2000
2001 A Stamp Odyssey – Invercargill, March 17-19, 2001
Northpex 2001 – North Shore, September 28-30, 2001.

The Palmpex organisers have indicated sufficient entries have been received for the general exhibition but further literature exhibits would still be welcome in all sections.

Exhibition Results

New Zealanders received the following awards at recent international exhibitions:

Australia 99
Gold – Jeff Long and Robert Samuel
Large Vermeil – Robin Gwynn and Margaret Horton
Vermeil – Bruce Alexandre and David Shaida
Large Silver – Myra Luxton, Barry Scott and Matthew Gainsford (Youth)
Silver – Tony Thackeray and Cameron Moody (Youth)

In the experimental Social Class the following awards were received:
Gold – Frank Jans, Bruce Marshall and Ann Still
Large vermeil – Yvonne Benson
Large Silver – Ross Marshall and Apteryx Briticus

Large Vermeil – Berndt Konningham, Bryan Ogier and Don Richardson
Large Silver – Doug South
Silver Bronze – Ross Marshall (Literature)

We congratulate the above on their achievements.

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