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New Zealand Exhibitions

Upcoming New Zealand exhibitions

There is an interesting programme of exhibitions coming up for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections.

KIWIPEX 2006 (FIAP support) 2 – 5 Nov 2006 Christchurch All classes, inc Postcards
NORTHLAND 2007 31 Mar – 1 Apr 2007 Whangarei (Traditional, Postal Stationery, Open, One-frame classes)
HUTTPEX 2007 31 Aug – 2 Sep 2007 Lower Hutt (Postal History, Thematics, Youth, Revenues, Maximaphily, Aero, Polar, First Day Covers)
Philatelic Literature Exhibition late Jun 2007 (Central Districts Philatelic Trust)
TARAPEX 2008 7 – 9 Nov 2008 (incorporating the Australasian Challenge)
TIMPEX 2009 Sep 2009 Timaru

Kiwipex 2006

As Kiwipex 2006 is now not long away, it is time to enter your exhibit, or buy some souvenirs, or make your travel arrangements. The Organising Committee is very active and extremely well organised, so it will be a good event.

For further information, visit the website at http://www.newzeal.com/kiwipex.htm

Overseas Exhibitions

Edmonton Spring National

The Edmonton Spring National (Canada) exhibition was held 24 – 26 March. Norman Banfield was the Judge / Commissioner, and NZ exhibits did very well, with gold medals awarded to:

Bruce Chadderton Concentration Camp Prisoner Mail
Ross Marshall NZ Coal – Southern Region
George Stewart The King’s Head Design of the Southern Rhodesia King George VI Definitives
John Wilson NZ George VI Issue
Ross Marshall Moscow-Antarctica: The Return Flights 1961-62 and 1963-64 (one-frame)
Jeff Long NZ’s First Kiwi (also the Best One-Frame Exhibit award)

and a Vermeil award to
Jeff Long CU on Ice (one-frame)

Canberra Stamp Show

The Canberra Stamp Show was held from 18 – 20 March. The North Island entry won the third Australasian Challenge competition and now holds the Ed Druce Memorial Trophy. A great effort from:

Ann Still Mourning Memorabilia (Sp Prize)
Jenny Banfield A Postal History Study of Airmails From Iraq 1919-1948
Jürgen Speyer Burgen and Schlösser (Castles & Palaces) (Sp Prize)
Raphael Nolden Alternative Posts: The First Five Years
Paul Yap Ceylon: Victorian Postal Stationery
Robert Livingstone Internal Airmails of New Zealand 1919-1936

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Washington ’06 27 May – 3 Jun 2006 Commissioner Don Richardson
Adelaide Stampex 2006 18 – 20 Aug Commissioner TBA (5 Nations Challenge)
Espana 2006 7 – 13 Oct Commissioner Robin Gwynn
Dubai 2006 11 – 14 Nov 2006 Commissioner Ross Marshall
Belgica 2006 16 – 20 Nov 2006 Commissioner Jeff Long

NZPF Special Prizes

The Federation has amended its policy on the provision of special prizes for overseas exhibitions, and will now provide a prize wherever a Commissioner attends. The Federation also now has a special case for carrying exhibits overseas.

NZ Philatelic Trust

The NZ National Philatelic Trust supports all national exhibitions in NZ, as well as a range of other activities, including the annual youth camps. It does not have a large financial base, so from time to time relies on a ‘top up’ from NZ POST issuing something ‘extra’ to provide funds. This year, a $5 semi-postal sheet associated with Kiwipex 2006 is being issued which will include a surcharge to help with the fund-raising. Please encourage everyone to purchase these sheets.

NZ Post News

Advertising labels compared with stamps

Stamps, according to NZ Post, -are issued under UPU guidelines

  • they represent NZ culture etc
  • they are sold across NZ Post shop counters
  • they have the fern icon, the name New Zealand, and a value

By contrast, labels

  • have some type of phosphor banding
  • are normally offered for a specific client
  • can have a value but it won’t reflect what the client paid
  • are offered outside NZ Post system

Postal Cancellations

The changes are aimed at increasing the efficiency of cancelling the mail. They have been operating since 1 Mar 2006 at Metro sites, but Tauranga and Hawkes Bay were converted later in March. The pamphlet sent to those on mailing list explains much of the detail. Hand-cancelling will remain with current systems being continued. New Post Codes will be introduced as the next phase of the system. A list of the codes can be found at:


Pre-stamped envelopes

will be issued in a special year pack if there are enough issues in a year.

Advertising slogans

will still be available but only for topics of national significance.


Ivor Masters strongly emphasised that backdating mail (particularly special covers) is not tolerated by NZ Post, and emphasised they will not put their integrity in jeopardy over such an issue.

Federation Awards

The Federation has agreed to introduce a NZ Philatelic Medal of Excellence. Details are still being finalised.

Federation Brochures

A further brochure on ‘Estate Planning’ has been developed and should be available shortly. When finalised, the brochure will be available on the Federation website, and will be posted to all member Societies. Further copies of the brochure, as well as those published previously, will be available at no cost through the Federation Secretary.

New Exhibiting Class ??

Consideration is being given to adding ‘First day Covers’ to the list of philatelic classes. If you like this idea, contact Norman Banfield at [email protected] and let him know your thoughts.

Publicity for your Club or Society

Federation has made an offer to each member Club or Society to advertise in their local community newspaper. This is a type of ‘1 for 1’ arrangement – you pay for one ad and the Federation will pay up to $100 for another. This must be worth a try, so make sure you carefully read the details which have been sent to your Society with the minutes of the last Federation meeting.

Judging Seminars

Palmerston North June 18 – traditional and one-frame

A judging seminar will be held in the Community Leisure Centre, Ferguson St, Palmerston North starting at 9am on Sunday June 18 2006. The subjects will be traditional philately, and the ‘one frame class.’ Contact Colin Larsen at [email protected] for further details. Note that the NZ Interclub One-frame competition will be held in conjunction with the Manawatu Convention on Saturday June 17 so, why not make a weekend of it?

Christchurch June 24 – postcards

A seminar for those interested in exhibiting or judging postcards will be held in Christchurch on Saturday 24 June. Details are available from [email protected]

Christchurch Oct 30-31 – stationery, thematics, postal history

There will be a further seminar prior to Kiwipex later this year. It will be held on Monday October 30 and Tuesday October 31. Areas to be covered include Postal Stationery, Thematics and Postal History. Visiting overseas judges will be included in those involved, so it will be a good opportunity to learn more about these disciplines. More details will be available through the Kiwipex Newsletter. If you are not on the mailing list, contact the Secretary at [email protected]

Upcoming Federation Meetings

July 22 Wellington
November 24/25 (including AGM) Hastings

If you have any matters you would like discussed at a Federation meeting, please contact your local Federation Executive member or the Federation Secretary. Contact details can be found at About NZPF under Executive Committee.

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at [email protected] or the Secretary, Dave Fentress, at P O Box 19-119, Hamilton or at [email protected]

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