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New Zealand Exhibitions

Upcoming New Zealand exhibitions

There is an interesting programme of exhibitions coming up for those of you who like exhibiting or just looking, or adding to your collections.

KIWIPEX 2006, (FIAP support), 2 – 5 Nov 2006, Christchurch. All classes, including Postcards

NORTHLAND 2007, 30 Mar – 1 Apr 2007, Whangarei (Traditional, Postal Stationery, Open, One-frame classes)

HUTTPEX 2007, 31 Aug – 2 Sep 2007, Lower Hutt (Postal History, Thematics, Youth, Revenues, Maximaphily, Aero, Polar, First Day Covers)

10th NZ National Philatelic Literature Exhibition, 30 Jun 2007, Palmerston North

TARAPEX 2008, 7 – 9 Nov 2008, (incorporating the Australasian Challenge)

TIMPEX 2009, Sep 2009, Timaru

Kiwipex 2006

Kiwipex is now not long away, it is time to make your travel arrangements. The Organising Committee is very active and extremely well organised, so it will be a good event.

For further information, visit the website at www.newzeal.com/kiwipex.htm

Overseas Exhibitions

Adelaide Stampex 2006

Held from 18 – 20 Aug New Zealand had a good number of entries, and tied with Canada for third (498 points) in the Five Nations Challenge, after Australia 529 points and Great Britain 517. The USA rounded out the numbers with 497 points. Individual results were (NZ team members for the Challenge


Norman Banfield [**] Russia – Airmails Routes and Rates 1922-1950, Aero, 88 G
Jeanette Banfield, Medicine – Its History and Development, Open, 86 G + Sp
Allan Berry, Patriotic Covers used in NZ during & after World War II, Open, 73 LS
Allan Berry (et al), N Z Dependencies – A Philatelic Bibliography, Lit, 83 LV + Sp
Monica Comrie, Sheep and their Products, Open, 72 LS
Stephen Chivers [**], Burma Postal Markings 1825-1903, PostH, 86 G
Greg Francis, Postal History of the Province of Otago, New Zealand, PostH, 89 G
Diana Johnson [**], Russia: Pre-revolutionary Tsarist Arms issues 1857-1917, Trad, 84 LV
Len Jury, Taranaki Postal History, PostH, 85 G
Len Jury, N Z Numeral Cancels, PostH, 87 G + Sp
Mark Jurisich, The Postmarks of Ross Dependency (NZ Antarctic), Polar, 72 LS
Mark Jurisich, A Potted History of Campbell Island (NZ), Polar, 76 V
Jeff Long, The Horse in Our Lives, Them, 88 G
Graeme Russell [**], Chemistry, Them, 76 V
Doug South, Our Feathered Friends, Them, 83 LV
Evie South, A Labyrinth of Waterways, Postcards, 81 LV
Jürgen Speyer [**], Bürgen and Schlösser (Castles and Palaces), Youth, 81 LV
Bernie Styris, NZ 1967 3c ‘Puarangi’ (hibiscus), Trad, 62 SB
Harold Waite, N Z Registered Stationery Envelopes 1884-1980, PStat, 74 LS
John Wilson, NZ King George VI Issue, Trad, 82 LV
Morgan Winterburn, A Time Journey Through NZ, Youth, 56 B
Paul Yap [**], Ceylon: Victorian Postal Stationery, PStat, 83 LV

Washington 2006

A FIP world exhibition held from 27 May to 3 June. Don Richardson carried the 10 exhibits that were accepted from New Zealand, and Ross Marshall was one of the judges. The results were:

Jenny Banfield, Airmails from Iraq – RAF Period 1919-1926, 1 frame, 88 V
Norman Banfield, Imperial Russia – Censorship of Prison Mail 1884-1916, 1 frame, 82 V
Allan Berry/David Beech, NZ & Dependencies – A Philatelic Bibliography, Literature, 81 V
Monica Comrie, The Forgotten Forces: Northern Territory Australia WW II, PostH, 82 V
Robin Gywnn, Maritime Disaster Mail, PostH, 92 G + Fel
Len Jury, N Z 1920 Victory, Trad, 83 V
Don Richardson, U S Postal Rates 1851-1863, PostH, 92 G
Barry Scott, WW II PoW Air Letter Forms 1941-1945, 1 frame, 90 G + Fel
Ann Still, Mourning Memorabilia, 91 G
Paul Wales, 1970 Pictorial Issue of NZ, Trad, 75 LS

Congratulations to all exhibitors – even being accepted for an FIP exhibition in the US is a big achievement, and being awarded 4 golds and 2 felicitations was a great showing for New Zealand.

Upcoming Overseas Exhibitions

Espana 2006, FIP, 7 – 14 Oct 2006, Commissioner (& Judge) Robin Gwynn
Dubai 2006, FIAP, 13 – 16 Nov 2006, Commissioner Ross Marshall (Judge: Norman Banfield)
Belgica 2006, FIP, 16 – 20 Nov 2006, Commissioner Jeff Long
Sydney Stamp Expo 2007, National, 15 – 17Jun 2007,Commissioner/Judge Tony Thackery
St Petersburg 2007, FIP, 19 – 26 Jun 2007
Bangkok 2007, FIAP, 3 – 12 Aug 2007
Kuala Lumpur, FIAP, 29 Aug – 2 Sep 2007

NZ National Philatelic Trust

This Trust supports all national exhibitions in NZ, as well as a range of other activities, including the annual youth camps. It does not have a large financial base, so from time to time relies on a ‘top up’ from NZ POST issuing something ‘extra’ to provide funds. This year, a $5 semi-postal sheet associated with Kiwipex 2006 is being issued which will include a surcharge to help with the fund-raising. Please encourage everyone to purchase these sheets.

Federation Awards

The Federation has recently introduced a NZ Medal of Philatelic Excellence. It is to be presented to those NZ philatelists who have already received the Federation Award of Honour, but are deserving of further recognition. Allan Berry has kindly provided funding for the medals in memory of his wife Elizabeth (‘Liz’). The medal is 50mm in diameter with a lighthouse depicted in the middle, chosen because the Government Life stamps are unique to NZ. Congratulations to the first recipients – Robin Startup, Dick Armstrong, Gerald Ellott and Keith Griffiths – a luminary line up!

Federation Brochures

A further brochure on ‘Estate Planning’ has been developed and should be available shortly. When finalised, copies of brochures will be available on the Federation website, and will be posted to all member Societies. Further copies of the brochure, as well as those published previously, will be available at no cost through the Federation Secretary.

Exhibiting Classes

A ‘First Day Covers’ class has been added to the list of national philatelic classes, with judging criteria of the Australian experimental FDC class. Details are available from Norman Banfield at normanb@xtra.co.nz

The judging criteria for the national open class will be amended from 2007 (i.e. not at Kiwipex) to state “the philatelic material will cover 50% approximately of the extent of the exhibits.” (FIP wording)

Publicity for your Club or Society

Federation has made an offer to each member Club or Society to advertise in their local community newspaper. This is a type of ‘1 for 1’ arrangement – you pay for one ad and the Federation will pay up to $100 for another. This must be worth a try, so make sure you carefully read the details which have been sent to your Society.

Judging Seminars

There will be a seminar prior to Kiwipex later this year. It will be held on Monday 30 Oct (9am to 5pm) and Tuesday 31 Oct (9am to 3pm). Areas to be covered include Postal Stationery, Thematics and Postal History. Overseas judges Stephen Schuman, Malcolm Hammersley and Joan Orr will all be involved, so it will be a good opportunity to learn more about these disciplines. More details will be available through the Kiwipex Newsletter. If you are not on the mailing list, contact the Secretary at kiwipex@paradise.net.nz

Upcoming Federation Meetings

November 24/25 (including AGM) Hastings

If you have any matters you would like discussed at a Federation meeting, please contact your local Executive member.

Southern Region – Geof Tyson, John Wilson (Timaru)
Central Region – Jan Price, Terry Isaac
Northern Region – Mark Benvie, Monica Comrie

Or the Federation Secretary, Dave Fentress, at secretary@nzpf.org.nz

Contact Details

If you have any comments, helpful ideas or want further information, contact the editor, Jeff Long, at jeff.long@paradise.net.nz or the Secretary, Dave Fentress, at P O Box 19-119, Hamilton or at secretary@nzpf.org.nz

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